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Social Wi-Fi is the next level integrated wireless deployment that customers prefer to have. This platform enables more robust communication and a handshake between hoteliers and their visitors. Not many integrated wireless access systems in mid-level enterprises and premises have such a flexible and user-friendly option to connect with customers.

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Top Social WiFi Alternatives
  • Wishpond Social Promotions
  • Fomo
  • Woobox
  • ShortStack
  • Heyo
  • Opteo
  • Instafrenchie
  • Gleam Competitions
  • Rafflecopter
  • Giveaway Tools
  • Votigo
  • Strutta
  • PunchTab
  • Binkd
  • PromoSimple
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Top Social WiFi Alternatives and Overview


Wishpond Social Promotions

Wishpond Social Promotions app allows businesses to create attractive ads and run contests & promotions on their social networks and websites to keep audience interested and curious in their services.

By: Wishpond Technologies Ltd. From Canada


Fomo is a social proofing marketing solution. It helps all...

By: Fomo
Based on 13 Votes


Woobox is a social media marketing tool for online businesses and marketers.

By: Woobox, LLC From USA
Based on 4 Votes


ShortStack social media tool is used by businesses and marketers to create engaging Facebook apps and social marketing campaigns with the aim of growing their community.

By: Pancake Laboratories, Inc. From USA
Based on 13 Votes


With Heyo, any user or marketer can create a mobile optimized Facebook campaign easily.

By: Lujure Media Inc. From USA
Based on 5 Votes


Opteo is a very powerful marketing software which is used to optimize and manage various AdWords accounts to make them very efficient and simple.

By: Opteo
Based on 13 Votes


Hence, all the followers gained through InstaFrenchie are real and organic followers without fake accounts...

By: Instafrenchie
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Gleam Competitions

The app allows marketers to create simple competition or giveaways for the target audience on...

By: Crowd9 Pty Ltd From Australia


It is very easy to launch and manage a giveaway with Rafflecopter even without any...

By: Metric Feat, LLC From USA
Based on 8 Votes

Giveaway Tools

The best feature of this tool is the automatic entry confirmation that confirms all entries...

By: Giveaway Tools, LLC From USA


The software allows contests and apps to run on any platform, and provides complete campaign...

By: Votigo, Inc. From USA
Based on 10 Votes


Strutta helps you gain more fans, likes, email subscribers, followers, and to keep them engaged...

By: Media Inc. From Canada


The software helps brands connect with their consumers on social channels, to understand and analyze...

By: PunchTab, Inc. From USA


By creating engaging Facebook and Twitter contests, marketers can increase the brand value and trust...

By: Binkd Pty Ltd From Australia


With PromoSimple, you can create Facebook Sweepstakes, Wordpress Plugin, Polls & Surveys, Facebook 'Like' Gates...

By: PromoSimple, Inc. From USA
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Social WiFi Review and Overview

Smart Wi-Fi interests the user at the front-end with variations in your business. For example, recipes and kinds of food being served in a hotel are highlighted with photos to attract the viewer. The social connectivity portals are highlighted with navigation links on the homepage. The standard of accommodation is offered and ranking provided for the premises of the stay is also mentioned with a caption to interest the user. The user can browse the same or just use credentials to move on to surf or check email.

Customer can comment on likes and dislikes

Smart Wi-Fi provides interfaces to prompt users to mention their discomfort during their previous experience or inform your attendants on what they need now. This platform also automates the way you send information on forthcoming activities like in-house function or gathering in the ballroom or auditorium. Customizing the textual style and size is dynamic. Customers can also know information on the action that followed post their prior feedback or likely action on what might be done at the earliest to improve their experience.

Reaching out to visitors made easier and effective

Smart Wi-Fi changes the way hotels address the issue of customer retrench or disregard for services. Emailing the frequent visitor or first-timer on a periodically sending promotional updates is a plus. It boosts customer’s eagerness to come back to the premise. The integrated platform plays a pivotal role in building a brand’s value and consistent connection with visitors who would always return to the place. They become brand ambassadors bringing more people to the door-step of your service.

Critical data mining to analyze and strategize

All visitor-friendly redesign and offering are enabled by Smart Wi-Fi using its embedded metric managing software and data monitoring. How many times people visit, feedback left by them, preferences, service they are not keen to use ranging from routine to specifics are captured using submission form and rating level. Such steps create satisfaction for the customer who not only is pro-active in choosing the service but enhances the growth of the business beyond limitations.

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