Intel – 27 Interesting Stats and Facts

Intel is an American company specializing in creating semiconductor-based circuits. These circuits are used for a multitude of purposes, including microprocessors, memory units, etc. Its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Intel is most popularly known for its consumer processors, mainly the Pentium and Core series. They are also the inventors of the x86 architecture of processors, … Read more

Community Loan Fund Turns Investments and Donations to Life-Transforming Loans and Education Across New Hampshire

Summary: For people with low income, they might be struggling to have a quality life due to many obstacles that they have, especially financial obstacles. These people might not be able to afford a good home, have a quality job, as well as give a good education for their children. On top of that, they … Read more

KnowBe4 Trains Your Organization to Be More Aware of Phishing Attacks and Other Cyber Security Threats

Summary: When it comes to combating cyber security threats in your organization, preparation and prevention become the most important things to do. This is because a single human error can potentially cause a devastating damage to your organization if you are not careful. For instance, a single phishing email responded by your employee can result … Read more

Not Just a Browser! – Maxthon is Personalizing User Experience for Millions of Users Since 2003

Summary: Browsing the web is a part of everybody’s daily life nowadays. With Chrome, Safari, IE/Edge, and Firefox being the dominators in the browser landscape, most internet users will choose any one of those browsers to access the internet, whether on the desktop or mobile. However, there is still a small yet growing market for … Read more

Copyright Warriors! Plagiarism Protection Products by Turnitin are Now Used by More Than 15,000 Institutes and 34 Million Students

Summary: For educational institutions, maintaining the quality of their education services can be done by observing how their students work on their assignments. No matter what tasks that you are giving to your students, there will always be plentiful resources that they can access on the internet to complete such tasks. Good students would only … Read more

Progress Sitefinity 12 Allows Marketers A Much Needed CMS And Digital Experience Platform

Summary: Progress Sitefinity 12 provides marketers the CMS and digital marketing platform that allows them to streamline their workflow, create the best content for their audience, and market their products in a better way. Moreover, this platform helps them to minimize the time, cost, and effort for them to create and manage their content. With … Read more