Vivaldi Delivers a Fully Customizable Browser that Hands Total Control to the Users

Summary: Web browsers are the most important software people need in this day and age, and thankfully, it is available everywhere on any platform. Furthermore, there are lots of choices that people have when it comes to choosing the right browser for their devices, whether it is desktop or mobile devices. However, most browsers, especially … Read more

Muck Rack – The PR Software Any Company Should Have to Enhance Their Public Relations

Summary: Nowadays, having a good and positive online presence is essential for any company to succeed. With the high-speed information transfer via social media and other online channels, any company can be brought to ruin just by destroying their good reputation. That’s why companies are constantly in need to employ good public relation (PR) strategies … Read more

MECLABS Helps Determine ‘How People Choose to Buy Your Products’ with the Proven Behavioral Research Science

Summary: With endless products being presented in front of people every single day, it is becoming more and more difficult for them to choose which one to buy. This is why many online businesses rely on various types of research to determine whether people want to buy their products or not. On top of that, … Read more

Global Forum of Incident Response Guiding Towards a Threat-Free Cyber-Space With Expertise and International Collaboration

[TL;DR] FIRST(Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) is an internationally recognized organization in field of CSIRT(Computer Security and Incident Response Teams) and has a reign of over 100 years in this field. Using modern communication and strategized collaborations, they aim to prevent and control incidents of global cyber-security threats. We interviewed Dr. Serge Droz, … Read more