Qlik Delivers an Unprecedented Data Analytics Platform to Help Businesses Grow and Evolve in Today’s More Competitive Business Landscape

Summary: With today’s business landscape that keeps on growing and growing with more competition, any business needs to evaluate how they approach the market and how they use data analytics to their benefits. Nowadays, data analytics is more important than ever for any business to succeed and thrive. Without enough data literacy or the ability to read data and use it to your advantage, you cannot attract new customers to your business and determine what they want. Qlik is a data analytics platform that delivers insights that help businesses grow and evolve in today’s ever competitive business landscape.

Data is always important for any business. But, it is all the more important in today’s business landscape, with more and more competition going forward. In the past, businesses might only use it to store various types of information, including payment information, transactions, customer’s identity, shipping information, and other basic types of information. Nowadays, data can be leveraged even more than just as a basic storage of information for businesses.

This is why data analytics platform is important for any business nowadays, because it can help you to leverage your customer’s data even more. From the data, you can then take advantage of it to grow and evolve your business and to understand about your customers more. Combined with various types of research technology, such as behavioral research and others, you can analyze your business data and turn it into a powerful insight that can keep your business growing despite the ever-growing competition there is.

James Fisher, SVP at Qlik

Businesses that can leverage their data for their own benefits will win in today’s landscape. There is no question about it, because data is the new language of business in today’s modern world. This is especially true when you can integrate and cross check various types of data from various sources. Qlik is the platform that is trying to deliver the best data analytics program for businesses, so that they can leverage their own data and turn it into a powerful tool to grow and evolve in today’s market. We have interviewed James Fisher, Senior Vice President at Qlik, to explain to us more about Qlik and how their platform can help businesses achieve their goals and expand.

The Background History of Qlik

Started as a company based in Sweden, this company was founded in Lund, Sweden, in 1993. The company then moved to its current headquarter in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Over the years, the company has managed to gather over 50,000 customers and 1,700 partners worldwide that are using Qlik’s data analytics platform for the benefits of their business.

As a data analytics company, Qlik has a vision where companies or businesses can use their data in a more educated way. It means that the data that they have gathered should be able to solve their most challenging problems as well as used as the benefit of their business growth. To achieve that, this platform already has various tools that will assist businesses in doing their data analytics process in the right way. These tools include Qlik Sense, Qlik Data Catalyst, Insight Bot, and Attunity.

James Fisher explained about the history of the company as well as its focus,

“Qlik was founded in Lund, Sweden city in 1993. Their currently headquarter is in King of Prussia, PA. The company now serves over 50,000 customers in 100 countries. They also have over 1,700 partners across the globe. 

Qlik’s vision is a data-educated world, one where anyone can use data to make better decisions and solve their most challenging problems. Qlik offers end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics solutions that help organizations access and transform all their data into value. The platform centers on Qlik Sense, our modern analytics platform for the 3rd generation of data and analytics, complemented by our data catalog Qlik Data Catalyst, our natural language search solution Insight Bot and the data integration capabilities of Attunity, all which enhance our ability to deliver an overall end-to-end data platform.”

The Evolution and the Future of the Data Analytics Market

The data analytics market is always evolving. The way businesses use data for their organizations today is different from the way they did it back in the days. Today, data becomes an essential part of any business, because it can give various insights and important information about their business performance, as well as how they can grow their business and face up various challenges that they encounter along the way.

The future of data analytics market will have to do with how businesses manage and analyze their data in one integrated platform. This is where Qlik fits into the picture, as it is providing businesses with the way to manage and analyze their data in the way that will benefits their business operations the most. This is also what made Qlik to decide to purchase Attunity recently, as the platform needs to integrate their data analytics and management into one platform, so that they can deliver a better information and insights with the data they are working with. James Fisher explained about the evolution and the future of the data analytics market,

“Most businesses are fully aware that data is an essential part to their success, and in most cases, there is an initial set of analytics tools in place. However, to unlock the actual power of the data, businesses need to execute a proper strategy that includes both data management and analytics. Understanding various aspects of data allows the organization to better deliver that data for analytics, which then sets the stage for delivering insights at scale across the organization. This need was the driver behind our recent acquisition of Attunity. We see a world where combining enterprise data integration and management with a modern analytics platform will enable enterprises to scale insights to every user in their organization.“

How Businesses Can Save Money Using Qlik’s Attunity (Data Integration) Products

Attunity is one of Qlik’s line of products that provides the automation system in your data analytics process. Data analytics can take a lot of time, and since you will always need data to be ready for you whenever you are about to make important business decisions, you need to have a system that makes it possible for your data flow to be automated from various data sources to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information for your business.

This automation process, which Attunity is providing for businesses, is what will help them save money in their business operations. The automation system means that there will be less time required to provide the relevant data that they need. There will be less manual work that businesses need to do just to get the same results as provided by this automation process. Attunity helps to integrate your data sources into a system of automation that is always accessible from inside the platform. Regarding how businesses can save money using Attunity, James Fisher explained it this way,

“Attunity, now a division of Qlik, helps automate the flow of data from data lakes, cloud and enterprise databases into production systems, allowing organizations to access the most current and relevant data to make faster and better business decisions. This automation saves money in a variety of ways, from time spent searching for data, to reducing the time needed to compile and analyze the data. Having the ability to integrate the most recent and relevant data quickly helps customers accelerate product development and delivery ahead of the competition, respond to customer inquiries in real-time for current and future sales and better leverage data for decisions across the entire organization.”

The Types of Enterprise Data Source Supported by Qlik’s Data Analytics Platform

Qlik is a data analytics platform that has been used by thousands of enterprises from various countries in the world. The platform provides the best way for enterprises to use their data and analyze it for the benefits of their businesses. In various ways, this platform has allowed enterprises to tap into the insights that they might never have before using this platform for their benefits.

There are various data sources that enterprises might use to analyze with this platform. In fact, Qlik supports every single type of data sources that can be used by the enterprises to gain a better insight about their business. As there are diverse types of data that are being used by various enterprises to gain the information that they need, this platform helps them to process every single type of data that they have and deliver the analytics results for them to use. James Fisher explained about various types of data source that enterprises can use in this platform,

“Qlik supports every single type of data an enterprise may have. This ranges from industry specific file types, data residing in core enterprise systems such as ERP and CRM, data residing in data lakes and clouds, data generated by IoT devices at the edge of the network, data generated by discrete areas like manufacturing systems and PoS, to unstructured social media data and third-party data sources.”

What Makes Qlik Sense Different from Other Data Analytics Products

One of the best features of Qlik is Qlik Sense, which is essentially a system that allows you to find information quickly and more thoroughly. Also, you don’t need to deal with the limitations that are commonly present in query-based tools when you are using Qlik Sense. With Qlik Sense, the data is presented to you in a more natural way, giving you the information and suggestions that are most relevant to you. In other words, it can personalize your data searching process and gives you the best results that you can get from your data analytics.

Qlik Sense is also integrated with various other tools within the Qlik platform, allowing you to use all the features that you need in one single platform. With the AI engine that is always learning about the user’s behavior, it can be a robust system of data analysis that can provide you with the most valuable insights and information that you need for your business. In the end, it can help you grow and evolve your business to the next level in the best possible way.

To conclude our interview, James Fisher explained about what Qlik Sense is, and how it is different from other data analytics products in the market today,

“Qlik Sense works based on their patented Qlik associative engine. It allows their users of all skill levels to find information easily without the limitations of query-based tools. It also includes the Qlik cognitive engine, where the associative engine offers sophisticated AI that augments the user, offering detailed and insightful suggestions and automation in-context with user behavior. Qlik Sense offers a single platform that includes both open as well standard APIs for customization, data integration, data as-a-service and data connectivity.”