Practice Management Software

Clinic management software can allow doctors and small dispensaries to effectively manage their patients with these applications mostly available with features such as appointments, booking, various reports, wait lists and much more to efficiently manage practice. Below is a list of some leading clinic management products.


Cliniko is a complete health care managements system for the medical professionals including Osteopaths, chiropractors, Podiatrists, Physicians and naturopaths.

By: Red Guava Pty. Ltd. From Australia
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PointClickCare is a cloud based application designed to streamline the elderly care and assist the medical professionals to enhance their business.

By: PointClickCare From Canada
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CureMD offers clinical data analytics to the medical consultants for identifying high risk patients among the section of the population.

By: CureMD, Inc From USA
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PracticeSuite is a holistic medical management system with primary focus on optimizing the patient care and the billing processes of the organization.

By: Practicesuite Inc. From USA
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PracticePal is a complete web based solution for the clinics and hospitals.

By: Astute Data Systems Limited From UK


eClinic application manages the functions of a health care organization from the ground up.

By: e-dataware Limited From UK
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Clinic Master

Clinic Master imbibes different features including the compensation calculation facility for the therapists.

By: Les Systemes ADDA Tech Inc. From Canada

Clinic Sense

Apart from providing complete clinical solutions to the medical consultants, the application incorporates the facility of email marketing to target the patients with discounts on treatment.

By: Rocket Thought Marketing Inc. From Canada


Clinicea incorporates a single platform for the health care group to integrate the functions of its multiple clinics spread across different geographical locations.

By: Technolarity Private Limited From Singapore

Sunrise EMR

The application integrates all the aspects of the health care using a single interface.

By: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. From USA


AllegianceMD application incorporates multiple features to track the patient treatment procedures along with the streamlining of the financial functions of the clinic.

By: AllegianceMD software, inc. From USA
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Practice Admin

The Practice Admin medical management system practically covers all aspects of the hospital business.

By: PracticeAdmin, LLC From USA

Vertikal Systems

Vertikal Systems can be customized according to the needs of the clients be they are solo medical professionals, clinics or large hospitals.

By: Vertikal Systems SRL From Romania

Softclinic Software

Softclinic Software application not only optimizes the patient care but also makes the billing and accounting functions transparent.

By: JVS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. From INDIA

American Medical EMR

American Medical EMR application is known for its optimized patient tracking system.

By: W. David Scott, Inc. From USA
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ClinicKernel offers comprehensive solution to the clinics by improving the business prospects.

By: Attune Technologies Pt Ltd From Singapore

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone around the world. But there is one community that has been impacted more than anyone else, and that is the healthcare workers. Healthcare systems of several countries have been put to the test, and this has resulted in a tough battle for healthcare workers. However, the response from the entire community of healthcare workers has been praiseworthy. They’ve been at it fighting for us by putting their lives at risk. At a time like this, there isn’t much we can do as individuals. However, we as a society can contribute to their betterment in more ways than one.

What can we do for healthcare workers?

One of the things we as a society can demand is the use of better and efficient technologies for healthcare workers so that their workload gets reduced. One of these technologies can be the EHR software tools, also known as the practice management software. These practice management software tools enable healthcare institutions to bring in technology into their day-to-day operations and streamline everyday processes. These practice management software tools are offered with features that allow doctors to store patient data, segregate and group them according to various parameters and have better control over them.

Enhanced task management

The other aspect of these tools is the ease they offer to doctors while managing different tasks. The doctors and hospital management can assign tasks to various members of the staff and track them in real-time. The automated task assignment also simplifies the internal communication in the institution and enables all healthcare workers to discharge their duties effectively. Apart from these, the practice management software tools also offer options that enable doctors to provide teleconsultation and enable online payment options for the same. These are particularly useful features given the situation we are in currently.

The analytics advantage

Further, what makes these practice management software tools more appealing to the users is the analytics options on offer. These tools are typically offered with a multitude of analytics options that enable the healthcare workers as well as the institutions in various ways. Right from streamlining the hospital visit experience to the treatment, these tools aid users in several ways. Additionally, these tools also offer features that enable users to optimize the inventory management process. Healthcare institutions have extensive inventories to manage and dedicated options offered by these tools help them do that efficiently.

The importance of technology in healthcare

The several data points and metrics offered by a dedicated analytics dashboard enable users to identify pain points in the existing procedures and further fine-tune them to offer a compelling treatment experience for the users. Practice management software tools have become a necessity in today’s modern times. With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, it is essential for us as a society to equip our healthcare workers with the best possible technology. And the adoption of practice management software tools is a step in that direction.