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HR is a highly valued department in any organization. It is because it manages the most precious asset of any business – it’s employees. With the technological advancement, the economy is ever-evolving with inventions and innovations.

Such a situation called for the formation of L&D (Learning and Development), which can be a part of HR. L&D ensures that the employees’ skills are in alignment with the company’s goal and mission. 360training.com platform delivers effective training solutions to corporations and individuals; making sure they equip the companies with the most recent skills in the industry.


  • A self-paced learning experience with interactive teaching methodology. They use videos and text to deliver content and then test the learners via questions.
  • com ability to provide customized training plans is a unique feature. They can create a personalized course work for their users according to their requirements.
  • com offers consulting services to its resellers by assisting them in creating appropriate marketing schemes along with training strategies.
  • The allocation of a committed account manager to each corporate training program is a beneficial addition. In case of any confirmation or doubts, the manager proves to be useful in problem-solving.


  • The vast library collection can cause some content to be outdated. The frequent updates may not be possible for all the 6000 courses.


The presence of online learning platforms have been expanding in recent times as it’s demand is increasing exponentially.

They provide convenience, ease of access, flexibility, and freedom. One requires to have internet connectivity available with their pc/laptop, and the learning content is a click away.

Nothing stays the same, and in the dormant state, things change and evolve. To cope with the changing world around us, we also are obligated to adopt new skills, knowledge, technology, and aptitudes.

Business organizations come into existence with a mission and vision, which needs upholding by providing quality and value-adding service.

Their reputation and public image means a lot for them and needs preservation. The knowledge of the current and best business practices ensures quality product/service delivery.

360training.com has taken the task of providing regulated as well as non-regulated online training solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, they offer over 6000 online courses for individuals and groups.

It has served 4000 plus companies by collaborating with various academic partners. Their motto is to create learners for life.

Knowledge is power, and it empowers people to achieve the impossible and create new visions. Constant re-learning is essential for anyone who aims to excel in life.

Their strategy to deliver online training involves technology and content created by 1500 e-learning partners. Their service equips professionals to excel in the career and business to grow in their industry.

Companies have to address the issues related to industrial safety in a grave manner. All the technical personnel operating machinery should be exposed to training to avoid industrial accidents.

With periodic training, employees productivity improves, and they can provide quality product and service.

Many organizations have taken up the concept of blended learning. It involves creating an effective combination of online and traditional knowledge for employees.

The training accorded to workers ultimately turns into increased efficiency in work and better profit margins and revenues.

360training.com cannot be limited as an online training platform, as it also offers corporate compliance solution and risk management software. They also provide classroom-based training programs too.

Its customer base involves individuals, schools, colleges, government entities, and private corporations. With headquarters in Austin, Texas, they have offices in Manila and Karachi, with a global presence.

Comprehensive course library

360training.com library offers a vast collection of courses, more than 6000. If one is unable to find a suitable program for them, then the option to customize is available.

The user needs to go through their industry-based courses and purchase the appropriate learning solution.

The course enables one to earn certification, meet compliance, pre-licensing, and continuing learning for career development.

Their course content is accredited and approved by more than 250 regulatory bodies. The user can choose from industry course and set up a learning environment within a few clicks.

The industries include cosmetology, environment, health and safety, ethics and compliance, food and beverages, information technology, oil and gas, power and utilities, quality management, among others.

They started with licensing the real estate sector but soon realized the lucrativeness in engaging in other services such as insurance and finance.

The rise in online training led them to provide initial courses in OSHA safety and cosmetology.

Their top-selling courses include OSHA 10-Hour/30-Hour Construction Outreach Training, HAZWOPER training, alcohol, and food safety courses, DOT Compliance, ISO courses, and real estate courses.

Their logo includes “content, compliance and technology,” which describes their goal. They plan to advance in the field of compliance offering through a regulatory and risk assessment toolkit.

Learning Suite 360training.com (LS360)

The LS360 enables one to access online courses with ease. The user can personalize these courses to meet specific training requirements. 

It consists of LMS, LCMS, and function of selling and delivering courses. All the major e-learning platforms employ LMS.

LMS supports various functions such as managing the online learning content, providing on-demand access to courses, reporting and certification, and tracking and feedback of performance.

LCMS, on the other hand, is a tool utilized to create and publish the content used for learning online. It provides one to deliver content and trace performance.

A proper LCMS allows the system to create content and also provides room for importing third-party designed program.

LCMS can publish its content in a variety of ways such as PDF or HTML. 360training.com host an open API thus allows one to swap information with their website.

The function of LS360training.com is to track, and report, manage people, create, deliver and sell their courses. It supports the platform to offer e-learning, manage it, and create content for the programs.

The tracking and reporting are feasible as this system integrates with other HR and learning systems. The course creation is achievable by the LCMS.

The system delivers the courses which earn the learners online certificates. It comes along with the assessment and reporting of the performance of the students.

360training.com VAR (Value Added Reseller) program enables any professional who is interested in e-learning to sell their content in a private-label storefront.

The reseller earns a commission, and also support from storefront customization, course updates, technical and customer support, account manager, etc.

LS360 empowers them to manage, create and deliver their content to their customers and their partners/reseller in an efficient way.

360training.com’s partners and resellers

A partnership is a mutually beneficial tie-up; it is to promote sales, earn more revenue, and to increase the customer base.

They have corporate and academic partners apart from the affiliates. It makes up an extensive network of resellers who are supported by 360training.com internal VAR team.

The corporate partners select the industry, and its related courses get customization in a branded virtual portal.

The portal, along with the courses get support from an online help desk.  They also allocate a channel manager consultant who helps the partner in achieving growth.

Academic partners are colleges, technical schools, and universities who will use the library collection of 360training.com and expand their offerings.

It is an excellent way to reach out to learners who prefer traditional classroom settings. They provide them with grand marketing schemes to attract students enrollment.

They provide the student with career service so that they can assist the learners secure a job in their respective careers.

360training.com provides an e-commerce storefront, customized for the partners, who then sell the content and earn commissions. The resellers also receive help desks for students, a channel manager, and digital marketing assistance for expanding sales.

Their exclusive LMS enables partners to launch 360training.com courses using their or 3rd party AICC or SCORM compliant LMS.

Adobe flash player lessons

The industry or function-specific training is facilitated via abode flash player supported classes. We have discovered that 360training.com majorly is renowed for its compliance courses.

It allows organizations to adopt business practices which are relevant to the law, and regulations of the government.

The OSHA department of the USA oversees safety precaution practiced by workers in the industries such as construction, agriculture, and others. We also have international standard regulatory bodies like ISO.

An organization can enroll multiple employees in the training programs. The team gets an account manager who oversees the progress of the course.

All the courses purchased by an individual appears in the “my courses” section of the dashboard.

The tab hosts sections of all, new, started, completed courses with an illustration of subscription details at last.

A user is redirected to another window while accessing the course player. The session is in the format of video slides arranged according to the topics. They are usually 30 minutes or longer.

One is required to follow the hierarchy and complete the course. There are control buttons for the player such as next, previous, volume, captions, bookmark, and a save option.

There are different status for the courses, and the user is expected to start the program within 12 months.

So, there is not started stage, in progress, the certificate issued, pending affidavit and affidavit received stage of a course.

The course player relays audio along with the texts in the slides, verbatim narration. Their training delivery is via engaging videos as well, which can be the basis upon which questions can be asked to test the learner.

There may be quizzes after such videos. They provide closed and open questions at intervals, and the end of the course is the final exam.

An accomplished course earns a completion certificate after submitting the exam, which is assessed by a proctor.

Since major courses are compliance-related, regulatory bodies may have some involvement in the exam process. Regulators require the learner to conduct proctored exams to be eligible for credit.

Some courses require keycodes to unlock exams and tests at the end of the session.

The minimal passing score is 70%, and the system provides learners with 5 attempts. If one fails in all of them, then he/she is required to retake the course.

The exam video gets viewed by assigned proctor personnel. Apart from the online proctor, there is recorded proctoring whereby the proctor is available remotely, and the exam is recorded and shared.

It takes around 3-5 to assess an exam, and the learner can get completion certificate within a week which can be printed by the learner.

Their feature of built-in course authoring uses the standard content format of PDF and videos. It further enhances learning experience as the content works on the small screen hence perfect for mobile learning.

The cloud-hosted system provides room for team collaboration. Multiple users can access the course at the same time. It also leads to creation of collaborative activities for the learners like discussion forums.

360training.com utilizes crowdsourcing to create its collection of courses in various industry-specific courses. The content of 360training.com is ideal for providing corporate solutions.

An efficient program should not make users download any additional apps or plugins such as QuickTime. We can notice it is a weakness of the system.

The Adobe flash player will no longer be supported by Chrome by 2020. They will have to search for alternatives for it.

Providing a reliable base for conducting online learning should be addressed critically. 

Performance reports

We connect e-learning with instant feedback; it is because the system provides an on-spot assessment of tests, quizzes, and exercises.

The same applies to 360, whereby the student can learn via an interactive session. After viewing the learning content, they are supposed to answer questions and thus use their knowledge.

It makes long retention of knowledge. The students can attempt the final exam 5 times and earn at least 70% to pass the exam.

My report section in the dashboard is responsible for monitoring the student's performance. Tracking a learners know-how is of essential to enable them to achieve their completion certificate.

Different kinds of reports are generated by the system, which includes performance summary, the performance by training plan and course.

These are available in PDF or CSV format. Continuous observation of one’s performance can initiate awareness regarding learning goals.

We all study to earn some credentials, be it certificate, diploma, degree, masters or Ph.D. We only toil for the things that bear fruits and rewards.

The transcripts and certificate section shows the certificates one earns via successful completion of courses.

The course statistics gets reflected under this section, and it provides details regarding the course commencement, progress, and completion.


360Training.com is a marketplace for e-learning, and it intends to create lifelong learners. Learning a new skill or refining an existing one is a necessary step in expanding and maintaining one’s knowledge base.

It provides professionals and corporates with training and certification, which enables them to advance in their career.

Apart from their e-learning service (vast course library) via their LMS, they also host exclusive live training. It is via webinars, where one needs to sign up via articulate 360training.com website.

The learners can have an instructor when one needs to clarify some issue or need further help regarding a course.

The user submits his/her questions and books a support ticket via their support page. The instructor gets back to the user within 24-48 hours.

They provide customer support through their knowledge base, which hosts written articles on various subject regarding 360.

The learner can get in touch with them via email, chat or call. They have provided sufficient means of communication.

They have a strong marketing strategy with partners and resellers. The LS360training.com suite provides the partners with opportunity to create content as well (LCMS.)

Their course player holds rich content, and it has control buttons. It provides learner with the chance to understand the course at their own pace and time.

There is a session time-out whenever the learner remains inactive in the course player. While testing the product, we encountered a problem with logging in the course; we were unable to log in for a couple of hours.

It indicates the lack of a robust LMS system. The learners can get irritated with the frequent logouts and inability to log in.

360training.com is an ideal training solution for large and medium enterprises who seek to educate their employees in various occupational safety courses.

It is recommendable to an industry that significantly focuses on compliance and regulations as their routine activity such as construction company, or food and beverage catering businesses.

It, however, cannot be suitable for small businesses due to its pricing structure and complexity. But we cannot limit them from accessing such online training.

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