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AdGuard is an ad blocking software created and developed by Adguard Software Limited, a software company founded in 2008 and based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The focus of the company is the provide the users with the ultimate ad blocking solution that allows them to have a safe and pure internet experience. Not only the users can use the software as an ad blocking solution, the software can also protect their system from harmful malware and adware and keep their system safe from external threats.


  • Provides your devices a better protection from ads than the regular ad blocker utility.
  • Allows you to protect your computers and mobile devices from ads, with system-wide ad protection solution.
  • Cheaper and yet effective.
  • Lifetime licenses available.
  • Optional VPN Protection available.

Things can be improved:

  • Required a family license if more than 3 devices.

Complete And Thorough Ad Protection For Your Devices

When compared to the regular ad blocking utility that you can install on your browser, AdGuard provides way more complete and thorough protection for your devices. It is not only protecting your browsers from ads, whether intrusive or malicious. It also gives protection for your devices system-wide, which means that whenever the ads are trying to appear on your operating system, they are immediately blocked by this software. So, whether you are annoyed with pop-up ads displayed by your antivirus software, or ads that appear on Skype, you can turn them off by installing this software.

Ad Filtering In Browsers And Applications

Again, though this software has the extension that you can install on your browser, the main software is capable of protecting your devices, whether desktop or mobile devices, from ads that can appear anywhere and anytime within the device. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, Android, and various popular browsers. So, for instance, when you install this software on your Android device, all ads can be blocked, whether it is the ads that appear on your mobile browsers or ads that appear on your mobile apps. Also, the filtering system allows you to configure which applications and browsers get this protection.

Protection From Adware And Other Malware

AdGuard is not just a software that protects your devices from regular ads that are displayed on your system. But, it also protects your devices from adware and other malware that can become a harmful threat to your system. These external threats can force you to pay for the software that you don’t want to install on your system. It can also steal your data and lock your system and demand ransom if you want to unlock it. With these types of ads, you don’t want to take the risk of allowing them to infiltrate your system freely. Fortunately, this ad blocking software can provide the protection that you need.

Pure And Safe Internet Experience

It can be very frustrating and annoying to browse the internet and being bombarded by ads all the time. Whenever you visit a website, you get bombarded with ads from left to right. When you open an app on your phone, pop-up ads are disturbing your experience with the app. This problem can easily be solved by installing this ad blocking solution. When you install this software on your device, you no longer have to worry about ads popping suddenly during your browsing session. In fact, you get the pure and safe internet experience by using this software.

Compatible With All Browsers

AdGuard is compatible with all browsers that are available today. The AdGuard extensions for your favorite browsers are available, and it can provide full protection from annoying ads on your browsers. Even if you use the browser that is not listed in the supported browser list, you can still install this software on your system, and the protection automatically includes the protection for your browser. As a browser extension, the software works like the regular browser-based ad blocking tool. But, as a full ad protection software, it works way better than the ad blocking tool that you usually use.


Getting rid of annoying ads can significantly improve your internet experience. Moreover, by eliminating harmful ads and other malware, you are able to protect yourself from malicious threats that can steal your important data and use it for bad purposes. With AdGuard, you can easily protect your system from annoying, as well as malicious ads that can infiltrate your system anytime. The filtering system gives you the freedom to allow or disallow ads to appear on your system. All in all, it gives a more wholesome protection for your system than the regular ad blocking solutions that can only disable ads on your browsers.

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