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By: Econ Technologies, Inc.
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ChronoSync is a sync and backup tool for Mac OSX created and developed by Econ Technologies, Inc., a software company founded in 1991 and based in Winter Springs, Florida, USA. The company has been known as the software development company that provides quality software for Apple computers since it was founded. The unique thing about the company is that it always offers free support and free updates for its products, so that the users only need to pay once and get the free support that they need for as long as they are using the software.

Synchronize Your Files And Folders Easily

ChronoSync allows you to synchronize files and folders between two or more computers, so that you can keep updated with your files. For instance, if you have two computers, one in the office and one at home, then you can synchronize the files easily using this software to keep all your files and folders with you. In this way, whether you are working with your home or office computer, you can always finish where you left off. With this synchronization feature, you can use the built-in file sharing on Mac computers to keep your files and folders synchronized between each computer.

Back Up All Your Data Safely

This software can also be used as a good backup software that helps you to store your data on external drives. Then, you can use your backup data whenever you need it, such as when you have to recover your files when there is a problem with your computer. With this feature, you can back up all data to local storage media or cloud storage, depending on your needs, with the quick back up speed that ensures efficient backup process for your data. Also, all the backup data is verified for integrity to ensure that there are no missing or damaged files on your backup.

Create Bootable Backup Media For Quick Recovery

Bootable backup media is necessary to restore your operating system when you have a big problem with your computer that requires you to reinstall or repair your OS installation. With ChronoSync, you can restore your operating system back simply by booting from the bootable backup media. To create this bootable backup media, the software clones your primary hard drive that contains the OS startup process, so that when the primary hard drive fails to load for whatever reason, it can boot from the cloned hard drive to get the computer working normally.

Schedule Your Backup Anytime You Need

With this software, you don’t need to backup your data at the time when you want to do it. Instead, you can perform the backup process anytime you want. With the scheduling feature, you can schedule the backup process to be done while you are away. It makes the process more convenient for you, since you can still perform the backup process without being in front of your computer. You can automate the backup process to be performed daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preferences. Aside from the backup process, you can also schedule the synchronization process as well.

Other Related Products That Work With This Software

While ChronoSync is a good software for performing backup and sync tasks on your Mac computer, the company also develops other related programs to work alongside this software. The first is ChronoSync Express. This is the entry-level version of the software, which can perform the basic sync and backup process on your Mac OSX computer. The second is ChronoAgent. This is a remote file sharing agent that works beautifully with ChronoSync to allow you to perform backup and sync with a remote computer. The third is ChronoMonitor, which is a network monitoring program for ChronoSync and ChronoAgent. And the fourth is InterConneX, which is a free file sharing program that is available for iPhone and iPad.


For all the sync and backup needs on your Mac computers, ChronoSync is the best software that you can use. It works reliably to ensure that all of your computers are synced together, and you can backup your data safely to both local storage media and cloud storage. With the backup scheduler feature, you can perform the sync or backup task anytime you need, automatically. There are various backup and sync operations that this software can do, and there are also additional programs that can work well with this software to enhance its functionalities. All in all, if you want to keep the data on your Mac computers safe and secure, this software is a must have.

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