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In the 21st century, when the world is flooded with various types of software and technology all around, the Genie Backup Manager sure does leave a mark to reckon with. The Genie Backup Manager is not just your basic data backup software; rather it does a lot more than that. Available for Windows 7, 8, 10 and the XP and Vista systems, the Genie Backup Manager is all-inclusive backup software for novices and amateurs; meant especially for home usage. The various scheduled backups make this an amazing investment. It takes into consideration of all needs that might crop up when data backup and storage is concerned. It’s an all-in-one, inclusive software, at a nice price range.

It happens often, that when at home with kids, there is a strong probability that data might get deleted due to unnecessary keys being pressed or the system might corrupt because of viruses that the kids may not know about. In such cases, the Genie Backup manager is a savior in disguise.

Flexible backup

The Genie Backup manager is a comprehensive software which is designed to offer three types of backups to the user; namely-

  • Full backup: As the name suggests, the full backup makes sure that all files on the system are backed up on each run.
  • Incremental backup: A more efficient use of power and resources, the incremental backup ensures that only the new files that have not yet been backed up from the last run are backed up.
  • Mirror backup: This type of backup facilitates the presence of new files ad deletes any missing folder from the backup window.

A new feature called the ‘Backup Scheduler’ enables the whole process of backup to be carried out on its own without an attendant and lets you purge the old backup, which means, you can delete old backup files that you may have created.

Backing data up

The Genie Backup Manger also lets the user backup the generic documents and folders; even the files that may be locked for the user. The software also lets the system be recovered in case the entire system goes corrupt, thanks to the ‘Disaster Recovery’ feature.

What’s more is that the user can easily filter files and folders according to date, name, size, type, etc. to add them to backup or exclude them.

Fool proof and secure backup system

The iconic feature of the Genie Backup Manager is the ‘military level encryption’ that lets the user back the data up and encrypt it, thanks to the 128-bit AES encryption technology. This technology also supports zip passwords, so your data that has been backed up for safety and double checking is safe in the storage clouds with the zip password that you may bring to use. In fact, the whole drive can be backed up and encrypted, and then protected with a password.

As an additive security measure, the Genie Backup manager will send alerts and notifications to your email whenever your data is accessed from anywhere.

Save money

Not only is the Genie Backup Manager cheap amongst its counterparts, it is also resource-friendly. When you install the software on the laptop, it comes with a battery saving mode which will prevent your laptop from running out of battery. In fact, after the process of backup is completed, you can opt to choose the power saving options to consume less power. Basically, the software is designed to adjust to the user’s schedule and run backups when the system is logged off. There is a whole menu of scheduling mode where the user can choose to stop, pause or resume the backup process anytime they want. This even comes with a snooze button of its own!

Create more space with Compression

People always complain of less space. To make up for that, the Genie Backup Manager comes with the option of compression, wherein the user can compress the files before they’re backed up and save a lot of space. This compression is offered in the software in various levels.

Also, the user can create mirror backups of the files and filter them.

Storage and Recovery

The Genie Backup Manager is designed exclusively to store the backup data to any external or local media or devices. It even supports the use of FTP/FTPS, network shared connections and CD, DVDs or Blu-rays, pen drives or UNC paths. You can back up your file without compressing it to view it in the original form and use the option of compressing it later.


The Genie Backup Manager is truly an efficient data backup product which caters to all backup and recovery needs, no matter how basic or advanced they may be. It has a lot of different storage options to choose from, be it external or internal and can be adjusted to fit the schedule of the user.

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