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VirtualPBX is a business phone system created and developed by, Inc., a software company founded in 1998 and based in San Jose, California. The focus of the company is to provide personalized, reliable, and effective business phone solutions for various types of businesses. The company ensures that their telephony solution, VirtualPBX, is capable of delivering the service quality with 99.9999% reliability, meaning that your business phone system is taken care all the time, no matter what happens.

Custom Greetings For The Best First Impression

If you want to create a good first impression for your business, you have to ensure that people feel comfortable when they contact your business through phone. With custom greetings, it is easy for you to build the best first impression for your business, as well as ensure that people are redirected properly to the right phone line when they try to contact your business office. The auto-attendant feature can do this for you. This feature allows you to create the automatic answering voice for your callers, which can redirect the calls according to what your callers want to reach. Whether they want to reach the customer service department or the accounting department, they can do that by following the directions of the auto-attendant.

Change Your Phone Preferences Easily

Of course, you don’t want to use the default preferences provided to you by VirtualPBX, since it might not give you a good personalization for your business. However, a good thing about this VOIP software is that you can change your phone preferences easily, by simply configuring your options and apply it to your business phone system. With this feature, you can change various preferences, such as outbound caller ID, do-not-disturb, manage your devices, call blasting, hot desking, and more. In this way, you can brand your business phone system with your own business branding, instead of the default branding provided by this VOIP service.

Intelligent Call Routing

Call routing is a common feature that is available in various VOIP systems for business, which is useful to ensure that your callers can reach the right phone line in your business. The difference between this software and other similar software is that it uses the intelligent call routing system, which ensures that you can route the calls according to your situation. For instance, if people call you outside of the business hours, you can redirect their calls to the voice mail and inform them to call back again in the business hours. You can also set the holiday period for your business to redirect your calls during the business holidays.

Email To Fax And Dynamic Voice Mail

VirtualPBX provides you with the email to fax feature to help people from other countries to send secure messages to your office. In fact, many people nowadays still rely on using fax to send various messages to international recipients, since it is more secure than regular messages. With this feature, you can send faxes to other people just as easily as sending emails. Moreover, it has the dynamic voice email system to allow you redirect the calls to the voice mail, with auto-attendant feature and voice mail notifications.

Secure Audio Conferencing Technology

For most businesses, audio conferencing is the way to go to communicate with their business partners without having to see them face to face. It is the best way to hold a meeting or conference without having to wait for their business partners to come to a certain business place to meet. Thus, audio conferencing is an important part of your business phone system. This service provides a secure audio conferencing technology that is available to all users of your system, along with the simple three-way calling feature. In this way, you can connect with other users and start your teleconference whenever you need.


VirtualPBX offers a reliable business phone system with plenty of features that you can use without limitations. It is the ultimate VOIP system that you can use for your business, and best of all, it is completely customizable. If you care about branding, even in your VOIP communication with your business partners and customers, you can always use this system to personalize your telephony system according to your preferences. The features offered in this system is overwhelming, with various additional options that you can pick on top of the abundance of basic features that you can enjoy. All in all, it’s the best telephonic solution for any business that wants to make their phone communications smoother, simpler, and more personalized.

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