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By: Wild Apricot Inc From Canada

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WildApricot is a membership software created by Wild Apricot, Inc., a software company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2015, Wild Apricot already has more than 15,000 people using the software, from among professionals, charities, communities, clubs, and non-profit organizations. The software was launched for the first time in the year 2006.

Membership Management

WildApricot offers a membership management feature that allows you to recruit, create, and manage your members easily. The membership management process is done on the web-based platform, which ensures safety of your member data. The membership application is set to work automatically, so you don’t need to manually add or approve new members to your website. The renewal process is also done automatically, which allows existing members to renew their subscription automatically with automatic payment system. Not only that, you can also update your member data online in real-time, as well as gives exclusive content only for your members, search within members directory, and embed membership widget on your website.

Event Registration Process

If you want to create an event for your members, you can do it easily with the Wild Apricot software. For instance, if you want to create a web conference event between your members, you can create an event easily and post it to the member’s dashboard so that all members can see it. You can also customize the registration forms and automate the event promotion via email. If there is any registration fee that needs to be paid to attend the event, Wild Apricot provides an easy payment solution for this.

Website Builder

Wild Apricot is not just a membership software. It also provides a complete website builder tool that allows you to build a professional-looking website from scratch. Not only that, the website can be set to host dynamic content as well. There are several templates available for you to choose from, in which you can freely customize to match your company brand. In this website, you can separate the content between public content and members-only content. With the advanced site customization feature, you can edit your website seamlessly, as well as add more features to it as you see fit. You can also build blog and forums on your website, in order to expand your content resource even more.

Online Payments

You can accept online payment via various popular payment gateways, such as PayPal, Google Wallet, 2CO, BluePay, Skrill, and more. Each payment is recorded in your database, which you can always monitor via the reporting feature of the software. You can also create and send invoices to your customers in order to automate the online transaction even further.

Mobile Solutions

With the plugin, you can turn your website into a mobile website easily. You can even create apps for your membership site so that each of your members can access your membership site via their mobile device. This feature includes the creation of mobile-friendly website, mobile apps, mobile event registration, mobile membership application and renewal, and mobile management.


If you are looking for a solid membership software that is not a WordPress plugin, the software is a good software for you to try. With website builder feature, you can even build your membership website from scratch. And since it allows you to build a blog and forums as well, you can use this feature to build a solid community around your business. However, the monthly pricing plan with a limited number of subscribers, limited file storage, and limited file upload size might be a disadvantage in itself, since you might not be able to use this platform to sell regular membership products to your audience.

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