Vivaldi Delivers a Fully Customizable Browser that Hands Total Control to the Users

Summary: Web browsers are the most important software people need in this day and age, and thankfully, it is available everywhere on any platform. Furthermore, there are lots of choices that people have when it comes to choosing the right browser for their devices, whether it is desktop or mobile devices. However, most browsers, especially mainstream browsers, don’t provide enough customization options for the users to personalize it, aside from changing the themes and toggling between different system settings. Vivaldi is the browser that is trying to give a better browsing experience for the users by offering total customization, giving the users total control for their browsing experience.

Nowadays, most of the things people do will involve some form of internet usage, making web browsers to become one of the most important software any device needs to have. It allows you to connect to the internet and do various things that this technology allows people to do, such as browsing the web, seeking for information, connecting with friends, banking, shopping, entertainment, and much more. It is also good to know that there are many options that are available in the market when it comes to choosing the web browsers to use. Vivaldi is one of the browsers that are available in the market today, and it is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

In order for a browser to stand out from the competition, it has to offer a unique kind of features for the users. The good news is that Vivaldi is the browser that aims to give the users the features that are not available in most other browsers, especially the mainstream browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others.

The main feature that Vivaldi offers to the users is the ability to customize every aspect of the browser, giving the users the total control for their browsing experience. With this feature, every Vivaldi browser can provide different experiences for different users. It is unlike the mainstream browsers that are providing almost the same browsing experience for all users, with lack of customizations. In addition to that, it also offers various privacy and security features that ensure the user’s browsing experience is completely safe and secure. To learn more about this unique and interesting web browser, we have interviewed Vivaldi cofounder and CEO, Jon von Tetzchner.

The Background History of Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi is quite new in the browser world, as it was first launched merely three years ago in 2016. However, the history of this browser goes way back. This browser was built by the former cofounder of Opera, which is Jon von Tetzchner. Back in the days, Jon worked at Opera as the cofounder as well as the one who was active in the development of Opera browser’s source code, which at the time was called Presto. However, at some point, the management at Opera made some big changes that involve throwing away the Presto source code. This was the effort from the management to make Opera a browser that is more similar to the mainstream browsers of today.

Vivaldi’s Cofounder and CEO, Jon von Tetzchner

At first, Jon didn’t have any plan to build another browser after quitting from Opera. But, with these big changes in Opera, especially with Opera throwing away the Presto core code that he has helped built, the idea to build another browser came. This is where the development of Vivaldi came about, and with this browser, Jon wanted to offer the users the different browsing experience, which is what makes this browser unique. Thus, Vivaldi was launched in 2016 for the desktop platform, and recently, it was launched for the mobile platform with considerable success. Jon explained to us the history behind the development of Vivaldi,

“My earlier company that I cofounded was also a browser company called Opera. When I left Opera, my thinking was that I would never build another browser. Building browsers is hard and clearly, I had an affinity for the Opera browser as well. Then the Opera Software management made a big change. They threw away 19 years of work, the core code of Opera, Presto. They also changed the product philosophy and decided to go for a browser that was more similar to the rest of the browsers, being void of features and differentiation.

And that’s how the idea of building another browser came about. The goal of Vivaldi is to make a browser that is easy to use, rich in features and with a lot of options. We understand that we are all different and equal. We all deserve a browser that is tailored to our needs. Vivaldi is just that.

We launched Vivaldi’s first stable version in April 2016 and very recently we debuted on Android with our beta version to a great world-wide reception. You can download Vivaldi in its current version Vivaldi 2.9.”

The Evolution of Web and Mobile Browser Market and the Future of It

Although web and mobile browsers might come and go throughout the time, the same thing remains true with the web and mobile browser market. It is the fact that the competition is stiff, with many browsers being introduced to the market and trying to dominate the market in their own way. The difference between the past and today’s browser market is that today’s web and mobile browsers are trying to be similar to each other and moving to the same direction. But, even if it is so, the users have more choices of browsers to use nowadays, and it is good for them.

According to Jon, the true browser evolution should be when the browsers in today’s market are trying to adapt to the needs of their users, and they should be optimized for such needs. This is actually what Vivaldi is trying to do. This browser is trying to give each user the personalized experience that is adapted and optimized to their needs. This is because each user will have different ways in using the browser. Another thing to take a look is the privacy and security concerns. Jon shared with us his perspective regarding the evolution of web and mobile browser market and the future of it,

“When I started with Opera, the market was a massively competitive space and we still managed to do well. The market today is no different. The only difference is that most of the browsers are cutting down on functionality, moving in the same direction.

I believe in giving freedom to users to choose a browser that they want. It is never a great idea to have fewer choices in the market that leads to a feeling of being locked down. The more the choice, the better for users.

Evolution is only when we adapt to the needs of the user and make products that are optimized for them. We are focusing on the real needs of our users.  We spend a lot of time on the internet. Having a tool that works with us our needs is what we believe is needed and that’s the way the market should evolve in future.

Your browser is a portal to the way you live, learn, work and play. Vivaldi is flexible as it is robust and reflects how you use the Web today. This means in Vivaldi we include a lot of functionality, but let users decide how much functionality they want to use and how.

Apart from competition, limited choices and dominance of fewer companies. Another point to note is there has been a lack of respect for the users. Most companies are running their businesses that involve massive data collection that is very dangerous. On the contrary, we are building the company for the future by keeping our users’ data safe instead of taking shortcuts that make us give up our values.”

How Users Can Get the Best Out of Vivaldi

Bookmark Panel in Vivaldi

Unlike many other browsers, Vivaldi is built with lots of customization options that the users can choose as they use the browser from time to time. With this browser, the users will discover more and more functionalities the more they use it. This is the browser that anyone can change to their liking, so the personalization aspect of it is very strong. In fact, this browser will match any type of user’s personality, as every aspect of it can be customized according to their needs. Thus, the Vivaldi used by one user might not be the same Vivaldi used by other users.

The best way to get the most out of this unique browser is to use it more often. The more you use it regularly, the more you can find the best optimization features that you can use. Tweaking and optimizing this browser as you use it is the best way to learn about the full functionalities of Vivaldi. Of course, as it is quite a new browser in the market, you need some time to learn to use it. But, once the learning is done, you can unlock the million different ways to customize this browser to your needs. Jon explained about how the users can get the best out of Vivaldi,

“Anyone can use Vivaldi, but the more active you are on the Web, the more useful it will be. Vivaldi is a tool and this tool is more useful in the hands of those in the know but is great for all. There is a learning curve that is involved – the more you browse with Vivaldi, the more you shall discover Vivaldi’s functionality. There are million ways in which you can tweak the browser according to your likin.”

The One Thing that Makes Vivaldi Unique When Compared to Other Browsers

The strongest selling point of Vivaldi is the ability for it to be adapted and optimized to the user’s needs and preferences. Unlike other browsers, Vivaldi offers unique customization options that are not merely just options that you can toggle in the settings. The customization options offered by this web browser include every aspect of the browser, such as the tab system, panel, zooming option, colors, bookmarking system, and much more. Also, it is good to know that Vivaldi developers really listen to the user’s feedback, providing them the additional features that they need on a regular basis.

Some features of the browser include the color theme that changes automatically as you open different websites. So, you will not see the same color theme for all the website tabs that you have. In fact, there will be various color themes that are available for the tabs that you open, as these themes are designed to match with the website theme that you visit. The tab system can also be customized by placing the tabs in different places, such as the top, bottom, left, right, and so on. There are still many other features that are offered by Vivaldi for the users. To conclude our interview, Jon told us about what makes Vivaldi unique when compared to other browsers,

“Vivaldi can grow with your needs and adapt to your requirements. In this way. Vivaldi is quite unique.

Out of the box, Vivaldi is quite that. You will notice that Vivaldi is more colorful and has a fresh overall look. When you start to play with it, you notice how much more flexible it is.

We work closely with our community and we take their input seriously. We listen to all requests and our goal is to satisfy them all, one at a time. It is all about putting the user first and stretching the imagination as to what a browser can do.

Let’s be a little more specific, though…

  • Vivaldi is more colorful. By default, we change the color of the browser to match the color of the sites you visit. You can also choose your own colors and have them change during the day.
  • Every browser has tabs, but at Vivaldi we have taken things a lot further. By default, Vivaldi starts where you left off with all the tabs open you had when you last closed it. You can also decide where to place your tabs. Many prefer them at the top, but people also like them on the right, left, bottom or even hidden. All these options are available to you. You can also
  • easily undo the closing of a tab using the trash can in the tab bar or keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can group tabs into stacks, making your over crowded tab bar look less so.
  • You can tile tab stacks, meaning you can view multiple pages at the same time.
  • Our panels and web panels are very popular. You can access your bookmarks, notes and history from the panels. The web panels are very useful for having access to favorite sites and services.
  • We also have added the ability to capture screenshots of web pages and the browser.
  • We have a more extensive bookmarking system than any other browser. Most browsers have a limited bookmarking system, but we have visual bookmarks (speed dials), a bookmarks manager, a bookmarks panel and a bookmarks bar. Each bookmark has an associated screenshot, that allows for a more visual browsing of your bookmarks.
  • You can perform most functions with the mouse, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts or using quick command.
  • You can easily zoom page contents and control how pages are displayed. Tools for that are available in the status bar. Great for that situation where the page uses too big or small fonts or colors that do not agree with you.

There is a lot more. You can start using Vivaldi without the knowledge of most of the functionality, but when you need it, it is there or will be after you have made us a request.”

To find out more information about Vivaldi, you can visit the official website at