Super Computers and Quantum Computing – 34 Fun Facts and Statistics

Computers have become ubiquitous in every aspect of our life. They are used for everything from simple tasks like controlling streetlights and powering calculators to extremely complex tasks like charting orbits for space travel. The most complex tasks are performed by extremely powerful computers known as ‘Supercomputers.’ These supercomputers can perform quadrillions of floating-point calculations … Read more

Intel – 27 Interesting Stats and Facts

Intel is an American company specializing in creating semiconductor-based circuits. These circuits are used for a multitude of purposes, including microprocessors, memory units, etc. Its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Intel is most popularly known for its consumer processors, mainly the Pentium and Core series. They are also the inventors of the x86 architecture of processors, … Read more

Virtual Reality – 38 Amazing Stats and Facts

Virtual reality is an artificially created environment which leads its users to suspend their perception of the real world and accept the artificial, or virtual world as reality. VR tech completely immerses its users into the software-generated world, overpowering the audio-visual senses of its users to change their perception of reality. These virtual worlds range … Read more