Digital Ocean Launched One Click Apps and Tools Marketplace for Developers and Startups.

Summary – Leading cloud infrastructure provider Digital Ocean recently announced launch of a new partner led marketplace on March 5, 2019 in New York with one-click applications and tools installation, including infrastructure and pre configuration. It’s the first time when cloud developer has sanctioned 3rd party provider to trade their software and created a platform to connect on board providers with their customers. Its Marketplace presented an intense web of partner’s advance setup of applications and tools which provide cloud services such as security, monitoring, storage, web development and so much more.

These apps and tools are specifically for developers, small scale businesses and startups to help them in minimizing their time in managing infrastructure so that modern apps can be developed easily by the developers or businesses can be managed efficiently.

Seamless Installation of apps and tools

All the apps and tools in marketplace are examined and authenticated to allow seamless installation with a single click by the customers. Basically, this core marketplace advanced ready to install applications and tools which could be allocated within a minute. Finding, installing and then maintaining software is quite chaotic hence, Digital Ocean made the task of developers and startups easier and quicker by eliminating the manual work which is required otherwise.

The constitution of pre-configured apps finds latest versions, scrutinizes and arranges tools which are required with installing apps of vendors and there is no need for the customers to invest their time in research, configuration and checks before deploying the apps and tools needed for modern app development by the developer’s community.

Offers number of Services for the Customers

It offers a large variety of apps to meet the requirement of its customers such as CapRover, Sourcegraph, Dokku which are developer tools; Frameworks like LEMP, django, LAMP, OpenLiteSpeedNodeJS etc; polpular blogs and forums like WordPress, Microweber, CyberPanel; databases viz MongoDB, PhMyAdmin, MySQL, Acra and Hasura GraphQL and so much more to allow its customers to spend more time in developing modern apps.

Digital Ocean Marketplace takes care of maintenance and updates of installed apps, enables end to end encryption to the customer’s database, cloud firewall filter the services to be featured on the droplets and secure multiple droplets which is selected by the clients and updates the whole infrastructure. The cloud developer permits the access only to those IP addresses which are recognized by the developers.

The protection is provided without any installation or maintenance of other software. The hosting services of the marketplace is impressive as it promised to deliver 99.99% uptime SLA and 24*7 technical support and pre-built open source apps. Enables team accounts to help any team member to connect its entire members by one single login.

Digital Ocean Partner Led Marketplace: Unique initiative

In addition to continuous development and continuous integration (CD/CI) environment, the object of the partner’s marketplace is to manage application program interface i.e. API for the customers. It also manages backend services which are needed with the installation of the apps from the marketplace and provide a platform to its clients to market their off shelf apps which are needed for the modern app development. Digital Ocean established a well maintained platform of pre configured apps from third party vendors for small and mid-sized businesses and developers.

It is a unique initiative with a limited scope where clients can have access to only those apps which have been pre configured by the marketplace. It offers better trade opportunity of outside vendor’s application and connects them with their clients who take complete responsibility for all their cloud solutions. Digital Ocean promise to give resources, powerful infrastructures, access of its technical expert’s community and tools to help the partners to scale their businesses, to sell their off shelf apps in partnership with Digital Ocean. Hopefully, one day it may widen the range of applications available for the clients making it more helpful in fulfilling their dreams.

50 Vendors on board, ongoing with the Marketplace

The new generation Marketplace of Digital Ocean is inspired from the success of its own one-click app launch in the year 2012. The idea was to create a platform for its own community of developers. As of now, it has partnered with 50 vendors and allowed them to display, promote and sell their apps on bigger platform and to connect with larger number of clients.

Partners like Influx data, Plesk, Hasura, Fathom Analytics and many more on board with the huge Marketplace and are providing number of services within seconds. Digital Ocean is standing up to its primary goal of giving fastened services in a click which could help startups, developers and teams to spend more time in building modern apps rather than searching and managing infrastructure and cloud services.