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If you are operating you business in multiple locations, and need to keet track fo your business operations in real time, you need to automate your business monitoring and management process. field sevice management software helps you to manage your field service business and track various aspects of yur business anytime and anywhere.

It helps you to boost your business productivity, improve workforce collaboration, and grow you business profits. It helps you to boost your business productivity, improve workforce collaboration, and grow you business profits.

Marketing Products

Marketing Products help organizations focus on winning more customers and analyzing the factors that can help them achieve their target of getting more revenue. Marketing is a vast domain and involves several categories of products according to what users want to achieve. There are Email Marketing software, SEO Software, Analytics Software, Customer Management software, and a lot more to accomplish the marketing goals you desire.

Design Software

Design products are for designers of every kind! There are now various cloud, desktop and mobile apps available for designing anything. From a graphic design to mockup design, and even complex 2D or 3D design, there are plenty of tools available which we have listed on eBool database.

Coding & Development

Coding and Development are essential to any organization that wants to succeed in the tech world. There are several elements to the success of technical products and services, and it is quite ardent to master all of them. These elements can be taken care of using software from different categories that fall under the Coding and Development section. Here you’ll come across software categories that include but are not limited to – Frameworks, Data Pipeline, Bug Tracking, HTML Coding, Graphic Designing, API Management, etc.

Hosting Products

Hosting Products include all the essentials one might need when they decide to build their independent platform. It comprises of everything from website builders to domain registration and VPN & Mail hosting services. They come in handy for users as they save them a lot of time and effort so that they only focus on content while other things are taken care of without any issues. And the categories under this heading don’t stop at just hosting the platform, but even providing security solutions for them.

SMB and Enterprise Products

These products target Small & Medium-sized businesses and startups. One of the most inclusive categories, it consists of software categories that allow users to manage every aspect related to their business. These products help out users with managing inventory, point of sales, tracking applicants, interacting with customers, managing the operations, etc. They also include independent categories for businesses like GYM and Hotels so that owners get an all in one experience. They also include categories of products for businesses in fieldwork, which includes CAD and Construction Management software.

Financial Products & Services

As the name says, this heading includes all categories of services that can help out a user or business with their financial bottleneck. They include software categories that can help out users with managing personal finance, trying their luck at Stock Trading, and helping them raise funds on behalf of a non-profit or even applying for a Crowdfunding. On the business side, these can help organizations accept payments in more ways, organize and manage their financial accounts, and deal with payroll and billing seamlessly.

Web Services

Web Services include random product categories of web platforms that can help you out with day to day tasks in personal as well as professional life. For personal usage, you can check out – Identity Services, VPN, Online Fax, and Home Security systems. At the same time, professionals can rely on Stock Photo Sites, Video Creation platforms, Grammar Check, Digital Signatures, etc. So basically, all the stuff that can be covered right on the internet without the need for a standalone PC software falls here.

Productivity and Teamwork Products

This section is for you if you are an employer who is concerned about achieving deadlines and like operations to be efficient. Software Categories under this heading cover products that can be used by managers to track employee performance, time devoted by them, organize the team on a single platform to track how they are progressing with work and set deadlines regarding the same. They also include software that let organizations plan and manage their operations and employees more smartly.

Business Services

Business Services aim to assist organizations and users regarding various miscellaneous tasks so that their day to day life gets easier. It covers organizations that can cover specific tasks for you. These organizations include web development companies, staffing agencies, office services, insurance providers, cellphone plan providers, etc. They are established in every sector of business and are either mass distributors or help out enterprises to make their operations more efficient.


As the name says, this section covers categories that include electronic products and services. Confused about options in tablets, smartwatches, hard drives, or even treadmills? This is the section for you. About services related to Electronics, this heading also covers Weight Loss programs available to users on their electronic devices so that they stay fit with the help of the electronic device they possess.

Personal & Desktop Products

Having a hard time dealing with your aging machine? Or looking for software recommendations for personal use? Say no more, for this section, has got you covered in these aspects. It provides users with the software categories that will benefit their system and get their tasks done seamlessly. Product categories include everything from System Care products to mundane software products like CD/DVD Burner, and Photo & Video Editors. It also comprises of other occasionally used software like Data Backup & Recovery software, Password manager, Browser Testing, etc. This is a great place to explore if you’re a new user and looking to get the right products for your system.

Education Products

Are you a productive person who wants to make the best out of their leisure time through learning? Or an educator who wants to get the best out of their students? Get a comprehensive list of Education Category products that cover platforms that allows individuals to learn languages, skills that’ll be helpful in professional life, and even get a degree through online degree programs. On the other hand, educators get to know about exam software, study tools, and school management software.