As a customer, you may already know that there are hundreds of options available when you want to choose a product for a business or even a personal need. It is sometimes frustrating to have too many options. We at the eBool help to solve this problem.

eBool was founded in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada). We research various products, collect relevant data for various aspects and prepare our product index. We only list products to help online businesses and consumers to find the right products in a range of categories such as small business, software, webmasters, money and much more.

We collect data regarding product from industry sources as well as by the official sources such as their websites, apps or brochures. In other words, we do all the research related to the product and save your time.

eBool is not just a product list or directory. It also allows user to compare two products side-by-side, Allows users to filter the lists according to features, pricing, solutions, find alternative for certain products and much more.

Unbiased Opinions

Many recommendations made on the internet are biased or money driven. Meaning, there is a relationship between vendor and publisher while recommending a product. This often ends up with poor recommendation and isn't really good for buyers. At eBool , you'll see products at the top if they deserve to be on the top!

All the products listed in any category are ranked according to product's popularity based on multiple metrics such as media mentions, product's URL popularity etc.

Custom Infographic Generation

eBool also allows you to create your own, beautiful infographic from any existing list of product on our site. You can use these infographic on your favorite social media account or website. It allows to re-order product ranking, change title, description as well as select pre-set themes. You can co-brand this graphic with your own name and logo on it.

Creating infographic from our site is very easy. Simply pick any category and click on "Create Custom Infographic" tab. It will bring you to 4 step wizard where you can customize and download your infographic in just 30 seconds!

Get Listed

When we do our research on products, we try to review as many products as we can to include them in our database. However, for any reason, if we missed a nice product, please feel free to suggest us. It is free to suggest and get included in our product database.

If you're a merchant, its mandatory to provide some relevant information regarding your product to get listed quickly. Below are some guidelines for suggesting a product.

  • Title: Exact name of the product.
  • Description: A non-promotional description (around 50-100 words) about the product. It should not include any call to action texts (like "act now!", "contact us!" etc..) or hype texts like (like "the best product in market"). It should be written in complete sentences using proper grammar and spellings. Do not use HTML tags or all capital letters.
  • URL: Product's website address.
  • Other Info: Depending on your product, you may also be asked to provide other relevant information.

All submissions are reviewed within 5 business days and if approved, the products are listed immediately. You can submit your product's information here.


We'd love to hear about your feedback on anything from product listed on this site or any constructive opinion to improve the website's user experience.