Progress Sitefinity 12 Allows Marketers A Much Needed CMS And Digital Experience Platform

Summary: Progress Sitefinity 12 provides marketers the CMS and digital marketing platform that allows them to streamline their workflow, create the best content for their audience, and market their products in a better way. Moreover, this platform helps them to minimize the time, cost, and effort for them to create and manage their content. With Progress Sitefinity 12, the goal is to enhance the digital experience of your audience and engage them more.

In the age where information overload becomes very common, your audience needs to get the information that is personalized for them and compelling enough for them to read. As a marketer, you need to use a platform that can help you deliver such information to your audience to maximize their engagement and ensure higher conversion rate. With the right CMS, creating high quality and engaging content for your audience will become easier to do, and moreover, it will be faster and easier to manage.

Progress Sitefinity 12 gives marketers the right content management platform that can help them create, manage, and deliver engaging content for their audience. The aim of this platform is to help digital marketers bring the best digital experience for their audience. It is important to bring personalized, relevant, and engaging content to the audience in order to improve conversion rates and boost product sales. This is what Progress Sitefinity 12 is created for, which is helping digital marketers boost their content creation and marketing process.

The CMS Platform That Is Always Ready To Use

Progress Sitefinity 12 is a reliable content management platform that any digital marketer can use to create and manage their content 24/7 with a 99.9% service level availability. Moreover, the support provided by the company can be accessed all the time whenever you need it. It has a proven performance that you can rely on, with maximum operational efficiency due to the employment of the state-of-the-art life cycle management from Microsoft Azure. The level of reliability makes this service fully scalable, allowing you to manage multiple sites and deliver up to 1,200 views per second.

Delivering The Best Content That Matters For The Audience

When it comes to digital marketing, content creation is the most vital part of your marketing strategy. Without good content, you can’t captivate and engage your audience with your message, and it will be difficult for you to convert them into customers. This is what makes this platform essential for your digital marketing strategy. It is capable of delivering the best content that matters for the audience—personalized, relevant, and engaging information. Combined with the high performance of the platform itself, you can deliver such content quickly and easily.

Fully Transform The Digital Experience Of Your Audience

The success of your digital marketing strategy will depend on how you can create the best digital experience for your audience. If you can provide the content that they seek, in addition to the intuitiveness, usefulness, and relevancy for that content, you will have a higher chance to attract the interest of your audience toward what you are offering. Moreover, with the good digital experience, you can easily turn new visitors into returning visitors, and eventually turn them into loyal customers. Progress Sitefinity 12 can help you transform the digital experience of your audience fully.

Fully Customized To Any Type Of Business Requirements

This platform can be used for any type of business in any industry. No matter what products that you are trying to sell to your audience, you can create and manage the content to promote your products using this platform. Moreover, it is fully customizable, meaning that you can easily adjust every aspect of the platform configuration to match your business requirements. You can also adjust the content that you create to match with the target audience for your business. As this platform is designed to be easy to use, even for beginner digital marketers, you don’t need to spend a considerable amount of time just to learn about how to use the platform and how to make it work for your business.

Content Strategy That Works For Digital Marketers

With Progress Sitefinity 12, there is a solid content strategy that aims to help digital marketers to succeed in their endeavors. It is divided into four segments, which are content management, personalization, multichannel management, and digital commerce. All of the segments combined has the goal to create the best digital experience for your audience, and as a result, boost your profits. Each aspect is designed to lure your audience to purchase your products in as seamless way as possible. It begins by allowing you to create engaging content for your audience, and then it will continue in delivering the content to the right audience segment, managing a consistent digital presence across multiple devices, and finally, guiding your audience through a seamless purchasing process.