How RightFind Solutions Can Empower Your Employees With The Power Of Enterprise Content

Summary: RightFind Solutions is a content workflow solution designed for corporations and enterprises, which allows employees to access and use a database of copyrighted materials in various forms, including article, audio, video, as well as various copyrighted publications legally. It helps employees in their research and information management, allowing them to streamline the whole process and make it simpler. RightFind Solutions is provided by Copyright Clearance Center.

Finding quality content on the internet as a part of your company research and information management is quite difficult to do nowadays, as the internet as a whole provides a mixed information on any topics, which can be published by anyone, including the people who have no qualifications to provide such information. If your company is in a constant need of finding high quality information as a part of your research, it is important that you gain access to the right information channel which provides only premium and high quality content that is published by the experts in their field.

As such premium and high quality materials are mostly only available in the form of copyrighted works, it is becoming difficult to access them because they are usually not available for the public. You cannot search or access such premium content using the regular search engines. You also cannot use them in your company’s work due to them being copyrighted. This is where RightFind Solutions come into place. It provides your company and employees access to premium enterprise content that includes copyrighted materials in various forms legally.

Find The Right Content For Your Research

Doing the research for your company’s projects will require access to various high quality information that you can trust. Empowering your employees with enterprise content with RightFind Solutions can boost the research time and improve the overall results of it. With access to the ever-expanding database of content, whether it is articles, music, movies, audio, videos, or any other types of content, you will give the employees the information that they need to advance in the company’s projects. It spans various topics, including business services & consulting, engineering & construction, government agencies, chemical manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, energy, food & beverage, and life sciences.

Streamlined Content Workflow System

RightFind Solutions provides the streamlined workflow system that makes it simple and easy for your employees to search and find the content that they need immediately. Most of the content available in this platform can be found and used immediately, while a very small percentage of it can be obtained within 24 hours of request. Without the need to manage the information resources for yourself, accessing the database of information as provided by this platform can boost your productivity significantly. Searching and managing your information can be done much faster, giving you shorter turnaround time for your information research and retrieval process.

Use, Collaborate, And Share With Your Employees

This platform is provided by Copyright Clearance Center, meaning that you don’t need to worry about using the copyrighted content as they are available in this platform for your own use. You can share and collaborate with your employees through your presentations in the same way as when you do regular presentations. However, the use of the copyrighted materials will only be allowed within your company or corporation, between all your employees worldwide. You can modify the information as found within the platform using comments and annotations and share it with your employees worldwide in just a single click.

Access Premium Copyrighted Materials Without Breaking Copyright

As the platform is provided by Copyright Clearance Center, using RightFind Solutions ensures that you are accessing the copyrighted materials in a legal way. You have the licenses to use the premium content within your company environment. Your employees can also have access to the wealth of premium content without worrying about breaking the copyright rules when they share or use the materials to collaborate with other employees worldwide. Each material will have information regarding the license rights for you to use it, and it is linked directly with the Annual Copyright License as provided by Copyright Clearance Center.

Easily Track The Use Of Each Material In Your Work

Not only can you access the premium content as provided within the RightFind Solutions platform, you can also track the use of each material in your research. This is done with the seamless integration of reporting and content analytics within the platform, which detect and track each use of the premium content as provided within the information database. Each employee will also have their tracking code so that you will know for sure about each copyrighted work used or shared by your employees. This will ensure that you are keeping everything within the framework of copyright compliance as laid out by the service provider, Copyright Clearance Center.