The Cloud Leader: How Edge Platform From StackPath Delivers A Completely Secure Solution For Developers And Online Businesses

Summary: The Edge computing platform from StackPath is a secure platform built by developers for developers that allow you to build services and web applications with full security protection. The security protection provided in this platform not only covers the service layer, but it also covers all other aspects, such as network and physical layers. This is what makes the Edge computing platform from StackPath one of the best and most trusted platform for developers and online businesses to build their services and web applications.

Creating, developing, and maintaining online services and web applications has become an integral part of any online business. For that to be done properly, developers need a secure platform where they can build their online services and applications with ease, knowing that it will be completely secure and protected. Without a secure platform, their online assets might be exposed to high risks and various types of online threats. This is why a secure platform like Edge from StackPath is needed to ensure a totally secure environment for developers and online businesses to keep their online assets.

The Edge computing platform from StackPath is designed specifically to be used by developers to create the kind of services and applications that they need. It offers a high performance platform with full focus on total security. It spans multiple services, including content delivery network, web application firewall, global managed DNS, and global service monitoring. With the worldwide deployment process, developers can easily let the end users access their services and applications quickly without any strains in network performance.

All The Tools Needed For Developers To Build And Create

The Edge platform gives developers the full power that allows them to build and create the services and apps that they need easily. It is built to help them work on things faster, simpler, and easier. They can also manage their projects from a single centralized control panel that acts as a customer portal for Edge users. Its self-service system allows the users to sign up and use the service immediately, as well as change their service plan in a matter of seconds. Other tools that are available for developers include RESTful API, StackPath CLI tools, free SSL, and a 24/7 customer service.

The Power Of Secure Edge Computing

Aside from its easiness and flexibility that gives any developers and online businesses one comfortable and reliable platform to build their services and applications, Edge from StackPath also comes with a total security system that makes all your important assets protected all the time. The security protection covers three main layers, which are the service layer, network layer, and physical layer. The high performance platform also allows you to use it for various purposes, including creating virtual machines, creating containers for your apps, and running the always-functioning scripts using the EdgeEngine.

DDoS Protection Across All Platforms

The Edge computing platform from StackPath also provides an extensive DDoS protection system platform-wide. It means that it is fully protected from any possible DDoS threats that can attack the platform and all the services and applications within it. Blocking and mitigating DDoS attacks can easily be done using the strategic sinkholes method, which redirects any attack before they can reach the customer’s system. Moreover, the protection is distributed geographically, meaning that no matter from where the threats are coming from, the Edge computing platform from StackPath can prevent it right away. The protection encompasses all layers within the platform.

High Level Of Network Security

Attacking the network is something that hackers will usually use to gain access to their targets. If the network system is weak, it can be vulnerable to hacker attacks and other types of cyber threats. Fortunately, the Edge platform from StackPath has a high level of network security that can ward off any attacks from hackers if they decide to go this route. The protection system includes network-level encryption, network scanning, and malware defense. This protection system ensures that no hackers can penetrate the platform through the network route, so that the services and applications built by the customers can stay safe all the time.

Physical Security Around Hardware Infrastructure

Not only providing security in the software level, StackPath also provides high level of protection in their hardware infrastructure. It means that even if there are people who are trying to gain unathorized access to the platform directly via the server hardware, they will be unable to do that. The physical protection is available across all hardware infrastructure operated by StackPath Edge computing platform all over the world. It includes biometrics encryption, live camera feeds, and human verification by trained security personnel.

Maintain And Protect Important Assets For Online Businesses

The ease of use, high performance, and total security protection combined can help developers and online businesses maintain and protect their important assets online. This is what makes the Edge computing platform from StackPath the true cloud leader for developers and online businesess to trust their creation and development of web services and applications with this platform.