Meet Lookeen – Your Private & Secure Desktop Search Assistant!

Summary: Lookeen is a desktop search software that allows you to search any files quickly across your desktop. It helps you to minimize the time needed for you to find your important files, and it doesn’t drain the system resources while processing the search inquiries. It uses an advanced search algorithm that makes it possible to find any files on your desktop quickly. It also uses very small system resources, which prevents this search tool from slowing down your system while processing your queries.

If you are working on a desktop computer where you keep on adding files into your desktop and fill up your hard drives with more data every day, it will sooner or later be more difficult for you to organize your files. By adding more and more data into your hard drives, the piles of data that are stored on your desktop will multiply significantly in months or years later. As a result, organizing your files or finding your files might be something that is increasingly difficult to do.

This is why you need to have a tool that allows you to find any files on your desktop quickly and easily. When you need certain files, you have to be able to find it immediately. Instead of spending hours upon hours searching for various folders where your files might be stored, you simply open this tool and find your files right way. This is what Lookeen is doing. It is the ultimate desktop search system that allows you to find any files that you need on your desktop in a matter of seconds. In other words, you don’t need to search for those files manually anymore.

The Private Desktop File Search Tool By A Private Software Company

Lookeen is a desktop software provided by the private software company called Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH, which has its own track record in creating software in the field of artificial intelligence and information extraction. The company was founded by Martin Welker in 2003, and it is based in Karlsruhe, Germany. The founder itself is a graduate of the computer science degree from the University of Karlsruhe, which has spent a considerable amount of time working at Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The desktop file search software, Lookeen, has received various awards since its launch date, and the most prestigious award was given by

Aside from being a standalone program, Lookeen is also available as a Microsoft Outlook add-on, which at its earlier distribution, won the award as the best Microsoft Outlook add-on in 2010.

The Different Product Editions For Different Needs

While this software has evolved into a more feature-rich desktop search tool, there are several editions of this software that are available for different users. The Standard Edition is available for the users that want to use just the basic features of the software. This edition features the standard Microsoft Outlook and desktop search functions without any additional features.

The next edition is called the Business Edition. It is available for business users that provides the features from the Standard Edition, but with the additional feature of Group Policies. It allows the user to assign policies for each group and control how they can use the software. The last edition is called the Enterprise Edition. This edition caters for big companies that want to be able to find files on their big network of storage. This feature includes the Lookeen server that can be used as a part of the desktop search function. It also gives you the shared index feature to simplify the searching process with multiple users.

Why Using Desktop Search And How It Protects Your Privacy

Desktop search option is becoming more preferred both for individual and business users because this type of search technology really cares about the user’s privacy. With the desktop search tool, you don’t need to connect to an outside server in order to search for your files, and you also don’t need to put your files to a cloud storage platform. You do all the search functions within your local system, and in so doing, you are not transmitting any data to the internet which might put your data at risk if you are not careful.

Lookeen is the software that is used to simplify the desktop search function and makes it easier and faster for you to find your important files. It also provides the answer for the users that are concerned about sharing their data with third parties when using the similar search tools even though they are using it just on their desktop. This is why Lookeen has become one of the most popular desktop search solutions for both individual users and businesses, due to its simplicity, privacy and security. Even for the enterprise users, the Lookeen server is available for them to use privately for additional costs, without having to deal with any third-party monitoring.