Privacy Policy

When you visit eBool (, you agree to our privacy terms as below and general terms of services. These terms also apply if you use the website in any other form including translated version, cached version (from search engines) or sending an email or submitting contact form on the website.

Visit and Behavioral Tracking

The goal of pFind is to offer product research platform where users can find unbiased product recommendations from range of niches. To improve overall user experience and help understand user’s behavior, we may use one or more visitor tracking (also known as web analytic software) services. These software services collects various data from website users automatically including visitor’s referral, IP address and location, ISP, Browser and platform, screen resolution, pages visited, returning visits, clicks or other engagement activities and much more. We use third party services to collect these data and those data may be hosted on their servers instead of our own.

Cookie Usage

When visitor arrive on the site through their browser, a small file is automatically downloaded to the user’s computer at certain location and if settings permit for it. These files are known as cookies and used to improve user experience such as faster load time. There are many other applications of cookies as well and widely used by most websites on the internet.

User Data Collection

When you send us an email or submit a form or survey on this website, we may collect and store the data that you provided and may also use it in the future for various purposes. When a situation arise, we may also share this information with third party. We may do this with or without user’s permission when deem it necessary.

For example, if you asked to learn more about a product listed on the site, we may ask product owner directly to contact you to send more information.

We usually don’t collect critical information such as credit cards or user’s exact address, bank account etc.

Data Disclosure

We may disclose some or all of the information provided by any individual user when we’re required to comply with local or international laws. Depending on requirements, we may or may not request permission from original user for this. The disclosure may include an individual’s visiting activity, emails and other information submitted.

Change of Privacy Statement

This privacy policy is often updated time to time and without any prior notification. When a visitor visit, Only latest policy in effect is applicable to the visitor.

Last Updated: June 5, 2019.