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Accubid by Trimble is a complete construction estimating software solution that estimates the complete cost of a project, based on various construction stages, resources and products. The software comes equipped with a database of thousands of items and assemblies, suitable for any construction project. Contractors can choose items, quantity, labor and other factors to calculate the estimate cost of the particular construction project.

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Top Accubid Alternatives
  • Joist
  • PlanSwift
  • ProEst
  • Clear Estimates
  • Quick Bid
  • HeavyBid
  • Viewpoint For Estimating
  • B2W Estimate
  • Takeoff Live
  • eTakeoff Dimension
  • HD Project Estimating
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Top Accubid Alternatives and Overview



STACK estimating software allows contractors to turn a digital takeoff into a detailed estimate to calculate costs of various operations and make better bids.

By: To-Scale Software, LLC From USA
Based on 93 Votes


Joist is a financial services software built for easing the work of contractors.

By: Joist
Based on 5 Votes


PlanSwift is a construction estimating software that calculates estimate cost of the site construction based on data entered by user.

By: Textura PlanSwift Corporation From USA
Based on 36 Votes


ProEst is a construction estimating application known for its accurate and efficient estimating features.

By: ProEst Estimating Software From USA
Based on 31 Votes

Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates is an estimating software for construction contractors that allows contractors to make the lowest bids and save money on projects.

By: Clear Estimates, Inc From USA
Based on 12 Votes

Quick Bid

Quick Bid is a construction project management and estimating software designed for contractors.

By: On Center Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 10 Votes


The software allows users to plan construction estimate, review the plan and make changes accordingly...

By: Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc. From USA
Based on 49 Votes

Viewpoint For Estimating

The software is very easy-to-use and makes it easy for contractors to calculate the estimate...

By: Viewpoint, Inc. From USA

B2W Estimate

B2W is easy-to-learn, insightful, powerful and fully-featured, and is ideal for any construction project...

By: B2W Software Inc. From USA
Based on 19 Votes

Takeoff Live

The software lets users calculate the cost of their construction projects based on footage, volume...

By: Takeoff Live From USA
Based on 31 Votes

eTakeoff Dimension

eTakeoff Dimension allows estimators to view and print plans, prepare takeoffs, generate estimates and make...

By: eTakeoff LLC From USA
Based on 4 Votes

HD Project Estimating

The software integrates standard processes and methods for cost estimation and its features allow estimators...

By: Hard Dollar Corporation From USA

Accubid Review and Overview

Trimble Accubid Classic is an electrical estimation tool that facilitates the entire project construction workflow, like estimating, purchasing, project management, and billing.

Why Accubid?

The labor units, labor factoring, labor tracking, cost codes, and other significant functionalities are built into the project platform. The subtotals across breakdowns can be quickly viewed to avoid any potential errors. Customizable project-specific assemblies are seamlessly built for projects of any size. The comparison between the components of an estimate is made a quick process by using the instant bid summary.

Estimating procedure

Accubid grants access to over 40,000 items and 9,500 assemblies suitable for projects of different sizes. The required assembly component quantities or count specifications are automatically counted. The entire bid can be broken down into logical and physical aspects that can be viewed and exported to other applications. Estimate components may be compared by employing labor-to-material ratios, costs-per-foot, per-system, or per-floor. An integrated estimating takeoff package with a live bidirectional link can be obtained.

LiveCount Graphical Takeoff

LiveCount’s bidirectional link tracks both lengths and counts of the estimate simultaneously, which saves a lot of time and enhances accuracy. Every revision that is made is recorded as versions for further analysis. All the breakdowns can be filtered and layered with dynamic links. The multi-support system allows team associates and estimators to work on the same set of drawings, which eliminates the hectic task of multiple job setups and maintenance of numerous collections of drawings.

The Auto Count Secondary Search feature finds elements that match the selected entry and categorizes items based on an identifier passed. Easy navigation through drawings is enabled by options like the named views and linked views.

Company Information

Company Name: Trimble Navigation Limited

Company Address: Sunnyvale, California, USA

Founded in: 1978

Top Features

  • Translate Data
  • Reduce Data Re-entry
  • Electrical Estimating Data
  • Develop Bid
  • Comprehensive Database
  • Estimates Creation
  • Custom Project-specific Assemblies
  • Labor Units & Factors
  • Labor Tracking Codes
  • Labor Cost Codes
  • Changing Order Management
  • Comprehensive Electrical Database
  • Proven Material Database
  • Dynamic Takeoffs
  • Custom Assemblies
  • Automated Quantities Calculation
  • Live Extension
  • Sorting Bill-of-Materials
  • Reasonable Checks
  • Multiple Level Breakdowns
Core Features
  • Project Management
  • Audit Trail
CRM System
  • Billing & Accounting