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Admedia is an advertising platform which connects advertisers to consumers across many channels. Its Remarketing service makes easy for businesses to reaching out to a large majority of internet users when it comes to converting users into clients. Admedia’s remarketing helps businesses to increase conversion rates, gain trust, and reputation for your brand. For both advertisers and publishers, retargeting helps you reach more customers and earn extra revenue.

From: USA Web Visibility: 47.13%
Top Admedia Alternatives
  • Magnetic
  • Meteora
  • Criteo
  • AdRoll
  • Rubicon Project
  • ReTargeter
  • Perfect Audience
  • Vizury
  • Admedo
  • Nextperf
  • ReTargeting Base
  • G4 Native
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Top Admedia Alternatives and Overview



Magnetic is a technology company with a marketing platform for enterprises, agencies, and brands.

By: Magnetic Media Online, Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


Meteora is an online advertising technology that specializes in “customized audience targeting” harvesting site traffic into segmented audiences for highly specific ads across the web.

By: Growth Hackers LLC From USA


Criteo is a global marketing technology company that enables e-commerce companies to leverage large volumes of data to effectively and efficiently engage and convert their customers.

By: Criteo SA From USA


Adroll is the widely used retargeting platform. It makes retargeting...

By: AdRoll Advertising Limited From USA
Based on 11 Votes

Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project is a technology company automating the buying and selling of advertising.

By: The Rubicon Project, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


ReTargeter is a full-service display advertising company that specializes in audience targeting and retargeting.

By: ReTargeter From USA
Based on 2 Votes

Perfect Audience

Its features include conversion tracking, revenue tracking, powerful segmenting, detailed analytics, transparent billing, and much...

By: NowSpots Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


It offers a comprehensive range of marketing solutions which help brands acquire new customers...

By: Vizury Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. From India


The platform allows you to run effectively multi-programmatic advertising campaigns, across online display, mobile, and...

By: admedo Ltd From UK


Its product suite is built to help marketers achieve greater performance results, enhancing the efficiency...

From France

It helps online businesses better communicate with their prospect and clients in order to boost...

By: Retargeting Biz S.R.L From Romania
Based on 7 Votes

ReTargeting Base

The platform has been designed from the ground up to simplify the real-time internet...

From USA

G4 Native

It enables advertisers and agencies to create, run, measure, and optimize retargeting-driven display campaigns from...

By: G4 Native Inc From USA

Admedia Review and Overview

There are a lot of people who visit your website often but do not make a purchase. The exact reason may vary from person to person. Remarketing is an excellent solution to this issue. With remarketing, you can advertise the products your potential customers were searching for previously across different platforms and in doing so, who knows, you might gain new customers.

Admedia takes remarketing to the next level. With it’s specific targeting feature, you can now target a specific audience. We ensure that the money and the effort you spent on your advertising campaigns do not go to waste.


We provide detailed statistics on your advertising campaigns, which encapsulates within them valuable insights. With a few clicks, you can now create quite engaging ads. If the targeted user is on the web, then no matter where he is, it’ll surely reach him. Admedia’s offers services throughout the web., distributed across multiple channels.

The cart of your visitors will not face abandonment issues anymore as your visitors will repeatedly come to your website. This will create a spike in conversion rates and you’ll get to witness sales growth in real-time. It basically acts as a reminder to your visitors and paves the way for a long-trusted journey.

Campaign with confidence

Whenever anyone of your targeted audience searches for a similar product on the web or is at the edge of making a purchase, we ensure that your advertisements reach to him. Making an advertising campaign success is not an easy task. We know it and hence try to ensure that your efforts do not go to vain.

These days, click frauds are on the rise due to which you can incur huge unwanted expenses. To counteract such scenarios, we provide our state-of-the-art services that ensure that even a single penny of yours does not go into waste.

Company Information

Company Name: AdMedia Inc.

Company Address: 901 W. Alameda Ave. Suite 102, Burbank, CA, USA

Founded in: 1995

Top Features

  • CPA Model
  • Tartgeting Users
  • Remarketing Campaign Creation
  • Familiar Advertisement
  • Popular Online Ads
  • Click Fraud Detection
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • Detailed Ads Analytics
  • Constant Research & Updates
  • Increasing Conversion Rates
  • Gain Trsut & Reputation
  • Vartious Channels Presentation
  • Online Users Engagement
  • Multiple Devices Engagement
  • Repeat Customer
  • Desired Call-to-Action