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AppFollow is a platform made for app developers who want their applications to be successful in the long ride to the top lists of their respective app stores. It works for any app store and any app platform, which makes it a real go-to platform for app promotion and review management. It is simple in its usage and can be set up instantly. Its pricing is quite cheap when compared to the various app store optimization features it offers.

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  • AppTweak
  • SensorTower
  • CleverTap
  • Mobile Action
  • Appfigures
  • Appbot
  • TheTool
  • SearchMan
  • App Radar
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Top AppFollow Alternatives and Overview



AppTweak is an app optimization tool that enables users to track and improve downloads for their apps by providing relevant keywords.

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Understand what it takes to succeed in the mobile app ecosystem with the help of Sensor Tower, a leading solution for all app developers and mobile marketers.

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CleverTap is a software that helps in marketing through mobile...

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Mobile Action

Mobile Action is an App Store Optimization Software that has been helping its users to edit their apps in such a way that it ranks higher in the search results since its inception in 2013.

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AppFigures provides app store analytics designed for iOS and Android developers.

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Appbot is an app review management platform that enables development teams to understand the progress of their application on the global markets and allows them to take the necessary steps to reinforce its rankings.

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It is a mobile app analytics tool computes and understands the effect of Mobile App...

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It gives you comprehensive reports on metric data of over six million apps, such as...


App Radar

It inspects the appearance of your app and suggests suitable keywords that help in enhancing...

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AppFollow Review and Overview

An app requires the necessary amount of optimization to reach the top charts. These optimizations are more like tweaks, which enable the people using the app store to find the developer's application quickly. This tweaking procedure is called App Store Optimization, or ASO. This is often forgotten by some of the new developers, who subsequently complain about their application not being given a fair chance. AppFollow is a cloud platform that is suitable for both novices and advanced users. With its cost-efficient options, developers can ensure the success of their application.

A simplified view and operating procedure

The AppFollow platform has only three dashboards to facilitate operations, all loaded with streamlined data and offered in a format that is clean and legible. The features and modules of the platform are divided into three sections, namely, review management, data management, and growth management. Each one of these dashboards has analytical information, along with the corresponding options available to the user to act upon the data. The analytics are powered by an AI engine, making it easy to make sense out of them. The dashboards may also show additional options arising from integrated third-party applications.

App Store Optimization for app supercharging

ASO is essential for app visibility on the store, and AppFollow can do all that is necessary to do that. With the platform, developers may see the main keywords that may provide them a strategic advantage in the market without posing any legal, copyright issues. The ASO dashboard uses a module that enables the developers to not only see the most popular keywords in the market but also see all the necessary metrics associated with it, like its historical popularity, its real-time popularity, and its efficacy of adoption. The platform also supports automation in its optimization operations.

Review management and related automation

Review management is just as crucial as ASO, and AppFollow can handle that too. With the help of effective automation and a reliable notification system, AppFollow's review management module ensures that every review is heard by the developer, and a response is generated appropriately.

Company Information

Company Name: AppFollow

Founded in: 2015