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AppTweak is an app optimization tool that enables users to track and improve downloads for their apps by providing relevant keywords. The tool provides a wide range of data points around keyword usage and performance, and these enable users to drive install for their apps.

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Top AppTweak Alternatives
  • SensorTower
  • CleverTap
  • AppFollow
  • Mobile Action
  • Appfigures
  • Appbot
  • TheTool
  • SearchMan
  • App Radar
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Top AppTweak Alternatives and Overview



Understand what it takes to succeed in the mobile app ecosystem with the help of Sensor Tower, a leading solution for all app developers and mobile marketers.

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CleverTap is a software that helps in marketing through mobile...

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AppFollow is a platform made for app developers who want their applications to be successful in the long ride to the top lists of their respective app stores.

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Mobile Action

Mobile Action is an App Store Optimization Software that has been helping its users to edit their apps in such a way that it ranks higher in the search results since its inception in 2013.

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AppFigures provides app store analytics designed for iOS and Android developers.

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Appbot is an app review management platform that enables development teams to understand the progress of their application on the global markets and allows them to take the necessary steps to reinforce its rankings.

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It is a mobile app analytics tool computes and understands the effect of Mobile App...

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It gives you comprehensive reports on metric data of over six million apps, such as...


App Radar

It inspects the appearance of your app and suggests suitable keywords that help in enhancing...

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AppTweak Review and Overview

Apps form an important part of the online ecosystem. They provide smartphone users with a personalized experience and help online businesses get much-needed visibility for their products and services. Apps also serve as a great way of interacting with customers. They provide relevant information about the customers and their preferences, which in turn helps the businesses in further optimizing the in-app experience.

Apart from these, many businesses also designate apps as a major source of traffic for their platforms. The traffic aggregation helps them use their app as an ad serving platform and earn significant revenue from it. Additionally, interacting with businesses through apps is more secure than interacting through websites. With so many benefits on offer, using apps seems to be a win-win for both the business as well as the customer.

How to harness the potential of apps?

However, the actual situation is far from being so. With the emergence of mobile apps, most online businesses have launched their dedicated mobile apps. The app may be plenty, but the memory of the users’ smartphone is limited. Although smartphones these days come with massive capacities, keeping so many apps installed affects the performance of the smartphone. Some apps keep running in the background leading to sluggishness in the output. As a result, the customers find it futile to install different apps when they can access the same services using a product’s website. Additionally, with incidents of data theft by app companies being reported in the media, app installs have reduced further. With all its cons, we have to agree that apps are still an excellent platform for interacting with customers and increasing sales revenues.

How to drive installs?

Then how does one persuade installs? One way of doing it is marketing apps using different keyword strategies. A keyword is a tool that drives traffic to websites. Using the same concept and a platform like AppTweak, businesses can optimize their keyword strategy to drive more installs. The platform offers several data points around keywords, and these help the user in formulating a successful keyword strategy.

The role played by AppTweak

AppTweak possesses a database of over 2 million keywords, and it uses various parameters to filter and rank these keywords according to the preferences of the user. Datapoints like keyword history, keyword impact, and keyword movement provide users a complete analysis of keywords and helps them choose the right keywords.

Company Information

Company Name: AppTweak

Founded in: 2012