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Apruve is a solution for B2B digital payments. It handles all the applications related to invoices, credit, collections, and payments. This is an automated service, so it handles everything without bothering you. It enables you to keep your focus on the business and manages the payment related operations by itself.

Top Apruve Alternatives
  • Bigcommerce
  • Ecwid
  • 3dcart
  • LemonStand
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • StoreHippo
  • GoDaddy Online Store
  • Create.net
  • CartStack
  • ShopFactory
  • ShopSite
  • FoxyCart
  • Global Commerce
  • WP eCommerce
  • UltraCart
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Top Apruve Alternatives and Overview



Bigcommerce is an Aussie company which provides eCommerce and shopping cart platform for any type of business, from startup to big enterprise.

By: Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. From Sydney
Based on 17 Votes


Ecwid allows you to sell your products everywhere, build social commerce, reach global customers, and create mobile-friendly eCommerce website with unparalleled security features.

By: Ecwid, Inc From Russia
Based on 43 Votes


3DCart is a feature-rich shopping cart software which offers a fully customizable online store builder with no transaction fee.

By: Infomart 2000 Corporation From USA
Based on 15 Votes


LemonStand is an eCommerce platform designed for professionals to help them build their brand online.

By: LemonStand eCommerce Inc. From Canada


1ShoppingCart offers an all-in-one solution to store your products online, with secure shopping cart, email marketing tools, and detailed product catalog for your online store.

By: Web.com Group, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


By: StoreHippo
Based on 1 Vote

GoDaddy Online Store

It features powerful marketing tools that help to increase your sales, attract more customers, and...

By: Godaddy Inc From USA


It is offered in 6 different pricing plans: Lite, Regular, Plus, Deluxe, Super, and Micro...

By: Create Internet Limited From UK


It reminds the customers and motivates them to return to the cart they had left...

By: CartStack
Based on 7 Votes


The software can be installed on your Windows computer...

By: 3D3.COM Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 2 Votes


It offers features such as search engine optimization, custom order button placement, various payment options...

By: ShopSite, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


It allows you to sell any type of products, create custom template for your shopping...

By: FoxyCart, LLC From USA

Global Commerce

It involves keeping a track of how goods, services, information, and money is exchanged in...

By: Digital River

WP eCommerce

It features shipping modules, secure payments, tax management, intelligent reporting, automated marketing, powerful product types...

By: WPeCommerce.org From USA


It brings a powerful eCommerce platform that is fully customizable, with easy product management, simple...

By: BPS Info Solutions, Inc. From USA
Based on 5 Votes

Apruve Review and Overview

Companies or businesses need to manage the payments that take place in the business. Today everything has gone digital, and so has the payments. You need to manage the digital payments. Apruve is a software that handles all these operations.


In the first step, you receive an order for a product or service which is placed through some order management software. After that, you get the payment of that order in your bank account after 24 hours. The software manages all the invoicing needed in the purchase. It sends the invoice to the customer. After that, the customer chooses his/her payment method and pays to Apruve.

The Credit Approval Process

Current buyers don’t need to apply for this approval. New customers need to apply through the online credit application form. The approval takes very less time of around 3 minutes. After the approval, the customers are informed about the approval and are given a credit limit. Now they can connect their payment information to the portal.

B2B Credit Management

It helps in Business2Business credit management by making you free from the burden of making approvals for credit, collections, and payments. It lowers the Days Sales Outstanding. It mitigates the risks and hence improves the working capital. It provides you with an automatic invoicing facility. It lowers the A/R expenses by 30 %.


It allows the customers to view their invoices, purchasing history, and options for making the payment. It helps in increasing financial visibility and forecasting. It does optimize the experience of a customer. It also helps in speeding up the sales cycle. It offers transparency in the working environment of the payment process. You get full visibility of the credit lines. It offers credit from your payment gateway.

Company Information

Company Name: Apruve

Founded in: 2013