AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Data Pipeline


AWS Data Pipeline is a cloud-based solution for the management of data flow from one system to another. It is designed by Amazon for its Web Service cloud platform. It finds a significant application in ensuring a smooth movement of data from the cloud storage to a computational platform and vice-versa. Even the most complex linking of platforms and data storage can be performed quickly and efficiently with the help of AWS Data Pipeline.

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Top AWS Data Pipeline Alternatives
  • Parabola
  • Fivetran
  • Dexi
  • Blendo
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Xplenty
  • Logstash
  • Alooma
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Top AWS Data Pipeline Alternatives and Overview



Parabola is automation software that lets you automate daily routine tasks without the need of developers or coders.

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By: Fivetran
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Dexi is an artificial intelligence-powered data integration suite, and that helps to understand the cost of SKUs, connect to live dashboards and process data and prepare structured data for the web.

By: Dexi
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4, powered by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, is the go-to software for import and export of data from Salesforce.

By: MuleSoft
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Blendo is a data integration software that delivers analytics-ready data to business intelligence software.

By: Apirise Inc.
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AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service offers smooth transfer of data from one server to another.

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Xplenty is a data integration and assimilation software which enables the user to combine, manage, and interpret data from a variety of sources on one single platform.

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Alooma is a data integration platform that allows you to modify and manipulate data & data sets as per requirement.

By: Alooma Inc.
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AWS Data Pipeline Review and Overview

A cloud-computational platform is incomplete without the thousands of metaphorical superhighways of data running through it, each one transferring terabytes of data back and forth repeatedly. A single problem in these links can result in an enormous loss in productivity and, in the worst-case scenario, revenue. Amazon again saves its AWS users with the AWS Data Pipeline service, which sees to the fact that every bulk data transfer operation between the computing platform, the data source, and the storage platform occurs seamlessly.

Developing intricate data pipelines with simplicity

With specific integrated cloud platforms, the task of creating useful and simple data flows can be a chore, but this doesn’t happen with the AWS platform. The reason for this is that the AWS Data Pipeline is incredibly easy to set up, even by non-programmers. It uses a simple, drag, and drop methodology to create data pipelines between different cloud platforms. Additionally, some standard data querying and management functions are pre-coded into the platform in a GUI button-based format for convenience. Apart from this, users can also relish the comfort of several templates for frequently-used pipelines. 

A wide range of use-cases ensures that the service is always reliable

The AWS Data Pipeline system ensures that the user can make the most out of all the powerful Amazon Cloud tools at their disposal, and enables several innovative and fruitful integrations as well. It also has some advanced functionalities of its own that bring a level of smartness and control to the process of data flow. Examples of such features include scheduled transfers and dependency linking. Developers may even write complex conditions and logics for the flow of data to take place. It also enables certain advanced functionalities that ultimately serve to smoothen the workflow.

Cost-effectiveness at its finest

AWS-based cloud services are generally cheap in their subscription when compared to what they offer and how much revenue they save, and the Data Pipeline service is no different. When the user analyses its flexibility and scalability, its cause of high ROI becomes visible.

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