By: BitcoinForMe S.L.

Gives you the convenience of buying and selling bitcoins instantly, with instant delivery and maximum security. Creating account is optional, but it gives higher limits for the transactions.

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Top Bit2Me Alternatives and Overview



Despite having its share of cons, this platform is still a great way to deal in Bitcoins— courtesy the expansive client base and a user-friendly interface.

By: Coinbase
Based on 16 Votes


Allows you to trade your bitcoin and a few cryptocurrencies, as well as exchange them, using the largest and most advanced platform.

By: iFinex Inc.
Based on 16 Votes


Provides a simple and secure platform to trade and exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Based on 1 Vote


Coinhouse is a Paris based Bitcoin broker that supports multiple payment modes and offers a host of alternative exchange options to the customers.



VirWox is a reliable digital currency exchange with a lot of credibility to its name.

By: Virtual World Services GmbH.


While the bitcoin wallet is available for almost all countries worldwide, only certain countries can order a virtual or a physical debit card from SpectroCoin.

By: Spectro Finance Ltd.
Based on 2 Votes


While this service is considered as one of the best bitcoin exchange services, it is still highly focused in Japan, with the JPY as its default currency exchange, and it can sometimes only be used by businesses that reside in Japan.

By: Coincheck, Inc.


By: PrimeXBT
Based on 1 Vote


The information provided on the official website is very minimal, and the website only offers information regarding the features and benefits of the platform.

Based on 20 Votes


While this platform offers the users the convenience of using the simple and secure trading platform for digital currency, it requires the users to pay the annual fee for using this platform.

By: Coinigy Inc.


By: coinone
Based on 1 Vote

Based on 1 Vote


By: Etherdelta
Based on 2 Votes


This platform is only focused on trading bitcoin, without any support for other functions, such as bitcoin exchange and support for other cryptocurrencies.

By: QuadrigaCX.
Based on 2 Votes


CoinMate is a trading platform that lets new and experienced traders to trade in cryptocurrency.

By: CoinMate
Based on 2 Votes

Bit2Me Review and Overview

Bit2Me is a bitcoin marketplace platform provided by BitcoinForMe S.L., a company founded in 2015 and based in Alicante, Spain. The purpose of the company is to help users buy and sell bitcoins instantly, without even having to register for an account with the platform. With this platform, users can conveniently buy or sell bitcoins from the comfort of their home, as well as on the go from their mobile devices.

Bit2Me is a global cryptocurrency trading successful company that typically originated in Spain in the year 2014. It is a secure and easy way of trading cryptocurrencies with several options of payment and reception. It is a part of BitForMe S.L with its operational headquarters in Spain. They are the secure suppliers of any kind of cryptocurrency that you wish to buy or sell. Since their start from back in 2014, they have progressed favorably and received user's trust and several prestigious awards for their timely services and innovative ideas.

Buying And Selling Bitcoins Without Registering For An Account

Most of bitcoin marketplace platforms out there require you to register for an account before you can make any transaction on it. With Bit2Me, you don’t need to do that, since you can easily buy or sell bitcoins without having an account to begin with. The only drawback is that you can only make a limited amount of transaction if you go this route. Even so, the limit is often big enough that you can make daily transactions without the need to register for an account. It’s fast and convenient, as you can directly get your cash or bitcoin in your main bank account or bitcoin account.

Instantly Get Your Cash Or Bitcoin Delivered With A 100% Secure Transaction

With this platform, you don’t need to wait for days or weeks before you can receive the amount that you have paid. You can simply buy and sell bitcoins, complete the simple transaction process, and get your cash or bitcoins instantly or very quickly depending on the payment method that you use. Different payment methods have different delivery time, but generally you can get your cash or bitcoin within a day. With this platform, all transactions are secured with a 100% risk-free security features that protect your funds in every step of the transaction. So, you don’t need to worry that you may lose your money somehow.

Trading cryptocurrencies with Bit2Me

Bit2Me allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies without moving an inch from your place. Website and apps designed to make this happen use top tech. Bit2Me has its reach spread over 150 banks in around six European countries. Selling is just as easy too. They have networked with several ATMs from over the world to make it easy for you to receive the money you gained by selling your crypto.

Cryptocurrencies can be converted to Euro and withdrawn in minutes. The app provides a secure code and once sold the converted euro can be withdrawn from the nearest ATM. The entire process although complex is designed most simplistically. These services by Bit2Me are also being extended to other countries soon.

Bit2Me believes that cryptocurrency, which is based on the latest breakthrough Blockchain technology, has unlimited opportunities for all equally. They have worked hard on building the app and website to help build a just, democratic world and a world with economic freedom.

Transparent Company With Multiple Awards

Of course, since you are going to spend quite a big amount of money using Bit2Me, it is important to ensure that this platform is reliable and trustworthy. First of all, the company that provides this bitcoin marketplace platform is a transparent and trustworthy company, in which you can view their profiles publicly on the internet. They also have established physical location that you can visit, with lots of ways to contact them. Moreover, the company has received various awards in regards to their fast and secure bitcoin marketplace platform, including from Visa, European Commission, and Deloitte 2015.

Mobile Apps Available For Transfer On The Go Anytime

Aside from being able to buy and sell bitcoins from the main official website, you can also download the Bit2Me apps from Android and iOS app store, meaning that you can do the same transaction from your mobile devices as well. Another app is also available from Chrome, so that you can easily access the platform via your Chrome browser. With these apps available, it is getting more convenient for you to do bitcoin transactions, since you can do it anywhere you want. You don’t need to be in front of your computer in order to complete a bitcoin transaction.


It’s simple and fast. Bit2Me is a reliable, trustworthy, and award-winning bitcoin marketplace platform that you can use anytime you need. You don’t even need to register for an account just to buy or sell bitcoins using this platform. You can do the transaction at the comfort of your home, as well as on the go via the mobile apps that are available to download from the Android and iOS app store. Each transaction is backed by a 100% security, which means that you don’t need to be afraid of any security risks when using this platform. Moreover, you can get your cash or bitcoins very quickly, even immediately, if you use the supported payment options.

Bit2Me is convenient in its intended usage and faithfully follows a transparent policy and efficient processing. The active support provided by Bit2Me at any point you need is immense. Additionally, Bit2Me can be used from anywhere and anytime. The earned money in Bit2Me by trading can easily be converted to hard cash and collected just as easily. With a free Bitcoin guide available for anyone who can understand Spanish, Bit2Me has broken down the rocket science of a concept of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin to any human being willing to trade Bitcoins.

Company Information

Company Name: BitcoinForMe S.L.

Top Features

  • Buy/Sell From Home
  • Buy With Cash
  • Personalised Customer Care
  • Fast Operation
  • Easy Interface
  • Various Payment Options
  • Free Guidance
Core Features
  • Encrypted Connection
Affiliate Marketing Tools
  • Reward System