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Bitrix24 is a social networking software for companies and organizations, which allows you to unite your company into one internal social networking platform. It features social intranet, activity stream, the ‘Like’ button, conversations, badges, announcements, photo gallery, workflows, CRM, employee management, and social network integrations. There are three pricing options available: Free, Standard, and Professional.

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Top Bitrix24 Alternatives
  • SocialEngine
  • Yammer
  • Hoopla
  • Nimble
  • Chatter
  • Ning
  • BuddyPress
  • Zoho Connect
  • Elgg
  • HumHub
  • phpFox
  • Oxwall
  • JomSocial
  • Socialcast
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Top Bitrix24 Alternatives and Overview



SocialEngine allows you to create social networking websites that you can customize according to your needs.

By: Webligo Developments, LLC From USA
Based on 10 Votes


Yammer provides a private social networking platform that allows you to connect your employees across locations and departments.

By: Yammer, Inc. From USA
Based on 39 Votes


Hoopla allows you to create your own community, which gives you full control an easy customization.

By: Social Strata, Inc. From USA
Based on 19 Votes


Nimble is a smart and simple social CRM platform that allows easier social selling process.

By: Nimble Software, LLC From USA
Based on 130 Votes


Chatter is an internal social networking platform for your employees, allowing you to collaborate all employee data in one place.

By:, inc From USA
Based on 61 Votes


Ning allows you to create your own social network for your brand or community.

By: Ning, Inc. From USA
Based on 12 Votes


It features member profiles, account settings, user groups, activity streams, notifications, friend connections, private messaging...

By: Automattic Inc.
Based on 6 Votes

Zoho Connect

It offers features such as live activity feed, inbox to get all the mentions and...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From India
Based on 9 Votes


The features provided by this award-winning social software include powerful data model, activity streams, plugin...

By: Elgg Foundation
Based on 1 Vote


It provides various standard features, including notification, activity stream, dashboard, social tools, directory, files, public...

By: HumHub GmbH & Co. KG From Germany


It features pages, groups, activity feed, privacy, CMS, monetization, theme management, ad campaigns, invitation, blogs...

By: Benc Enterprises AB
Based on 37 Votes


It features photo and video sharing, wiki and forums, privacy customization, content management, built-in SEO...

By: Oxwall Foundation
Based on 2 Votes


It features activity stream, profile management, photo galleries, and videos...

By: iJoomla, Inc. From Indonesia
Based on 8 Votes


It allows you to build an internal social networking platform for your employees, which features...

By: VMWare, Inc. From USA


It features cross-device compatibility, friendly mobile interface, advanced video application, multi-language support, powerful news feeds...

By: From China

Bitrix24 Review and Overview

Good: Enterprise-friendly, secure, ease of use, Intranet and Extranet, booted productivity, feature-rich, reliable customer support, free version
Things to Improve: No extranet in free version, a bit costly, no time management and reporting features to Standard users, limited technical support, difficult backend administration
Overall: A one-stop solution for efficient content management and team collaboration


Bitrix24 is a powerful software enabling you to create your social intranet quickly and easily. It is designed to make you create your own Facebook with the touch of Web 2.0. Catering to the needs of both small and big companies who wish to make their distributed employees and clients to work with collaboration, the tool is actually a meticulous Intranet solution rather than being only a task management application or social media platform.

Distributed teams are common these days, which has triggered the need for tools that allow them to communicate and manage online. This exactly forms the foundation of Bitrix24 that facilitates instant and real time interactive communications for sharing ideas. Through a Bitrix24 site, users can add comments and like content, which fosters a more collaborative environment.


The software is available in two versions namely, Cloud-based and Self-hosted. The cloud-based version comes with three plans namely, Free for 12 users, Standard, and Professional. While CRM is free, each of these plans differs in terms of features, number of employees and external users supported, storage, and special offers.

If a Cloud-based plan is not enough or restrict you somehow, you can go for one of the self-hosted offers: BizPace and BizPace Enterprise. Both offers support 25 intranet users, additional Intranet users for a fixed price per user, unlimited extranet users, and free 30-day trial but the Enterprise one also offers multiple divisions as per branches and web clusters.


After a quick initial sign-up, you see a fairly neat and plain dashboard that turns into a vibrant page when you populate it with team members and photos, discussions, and documents flowing in a Facebook-like mode. You can invite team members and assign them roles, permissions, and groups.

Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, organization and communication are essential for the right and timely flow of tasks. This software helps you do this easily through an intuitive and neatly organized dashboard full of intranet and extranet tools as well as ribbons to start up tasks, share files, create users, and more.

Product Features

Bitrix24 is not only a social media builder but also a project manager to automate all business related tasks as well. It comes with features that are split into social network, tasks & projects, document, chat &video, calendars, CRM, mail, mobile, drive, and telephony. With the integration of social and business features, the software is perhaps a one-stop enterprise solution for many types of businesses.

Project Management and Reporting

The online collaboration platform of the software offers useful task and project management options for created groups. It is obvious that a business needs a calendar for scheduling meetings along with emails and task creation ability. Britix24 offers all these utilities.

A central storage of all files and documents is accessible by group members if they have the permission. The software comes with version control utility and a Change Log to track content changes. For sharing and collaboration, uploaded files can be deleted or edited, stored in the Activity Stream, and saved in a library. There is also a clock in/out system for tracking the duration of work online, work reports reminder, and automatically included daily planner activities in reports.

While the Calendar is similar to Outlook calendar and integrates with Outlook, the Task button enables creating and assigning tasks to the desired members (employees) quickly, which you can later integrate into the group calendar. A simple Gantt chart shows how much of your project or task is completed, once you create a few projects, each with a dedicated group for storing relevant files, tasks, and discussions, and tasks.


This one is extremely useful for those who wish to connect to their clients quite often for executing new or ongoing projects. All you have to do is create an Extranet account for each client and treat it as a private group that then integrates into your Bitrix24 Intranet such that no private information reaches out to them. You can even create projects in the Extranet for making your clients to participate in them.


Bitrix24 comes with the basic CRM tools to keep track of leads, customers, and meetings. Through these tools, you can store data such as meeting notes in each lead, share your CRM contacts, and create reports and mail them to contacts.

Document Management

Bitrix24 offers powerful document management features for apt collaboration. You can upload, share, and edit documents securely on your enterprise social network. Real-time collaboration is ensured via seamless integration with MS Office Online and Google Docs.


The software allows calling to any landline or mobile phone, domestically or internationally without a dedicated IP-telephony equipment. All you need is an Internet connection and you can call instantly wherever you want. You can even record the call, rent numbers, and relay them.


Bitrix24 with a good functional design is a comprehensive solution acting as a project, CRM, and time management tool with Facebook-like functions. Although the customization options are not full-fledged, it has all the features essential for small business organizations that can use the tool for free for managing 12 employees. 

Company Information

Company Name: Bitrix, Inc.

Company Address: 901 N. Pitt St, Suite 325, Alexandria, VA, USA

Founded in: 1998

Top Features

  • Free Collaboration Suite
  • Social Media Collaboration
  • Social Media Management
  • Time Management
  • Online Documentation
  • Record Management
  • Full Data Control
  • Source Code Accessibility
  • Task Management
  • Document Sharing
  • Task Collaboration
  • Standard Workflows
  • Social Network Integration
  • Project Management
  • Employee Workload Management
  • Task Template Automation
  • Workgroup Optimization
  • Time Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Customization
  • Social Intranet
  • Activity Streaming
  • Real Time Updates
  • Interactive Activity Streaming
  • Private Message Sending
  • Business Phone System
  • Phone Number Relay
  • Renting Local Phone Numbers
  • Sip & Softphone Support
  • Coworkers Connection
  • Built-in Telephony
  • Employee Engagement
  • Work Report Generation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Permissions Accessibility
  • Extranet Collaboration
  • Mobile Application Functions
  • Workflows Approval
  • Managing Customer Interaction
  • Task Report Analysis
  • Report Builder
  • Chat & Vide