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Bodis is a domain parking platform that helps users earn money from their unused parked domains. They put relevant advertisements on your parked domains and pay you a share in the revenue. The payments are usually made within 7 days after the end of each month cycle. The inbuilt reporting system lets users keep real-time track of their domains and revenues. There is also a sale option for those who want to earn money by selling domains.

Top Bodis Alternatives
  • Afternic
  • ParkingCrew
  • Uniregistry
  • CashParking
  • Skenzo
  • Sedo Parking
  • Domain Advertising
  • ParkLogic
  • Domain Apps
  • DomainSponsor
  • The Parking Place
  • Rook Media
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Top Bodis Alternatives and Overview



Afternic’s domain parking and monetization platform is used by domain owners to serve ads on idle pages and earn easy revenue.

By: Go Daddy Operating Company LLC. From USA
Based on 18 Votes


ParkingCrew is a domain monetization system that features a number of tools to ensure the highest earning for users through domain parking.

By: Team Internet AG From Germany
3 is a domain parking system that allows domain owners to make money from their domains by using the pay-per-click advertisements.

By: From USA


Uniregistry is a completed domain parking and selling service that allows users to enlist some or all pages of their domains for parking to earn money with them.

By: Uniregistry Corp. From Caribbean
Based on 13 Votes
5 domain registration and parking service includes expert tools for users to effectively manage their domains, sales and parking.

By: Pty Ltd From Australia


CashParking is a popular domain monetization service by It...

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC From USA

The platform focuses on providing the best RPMs available to make sure that domain owners...

By: Pty. Ltd. From Australia
Based on 4 Votes


It is a complete parking monetization solution that involves client training and support, domain optimization...

By: Skenzo Ltd

Sedo Parking

The service simply allows domain owners to make money from their unused domains by displaying...

By: Sedo GmbH From Germany

Domain Advertising

The platform offers various services to ensure high revenue and conversions and maximum returns for...



It is a complete domain asset management program that not only analyzes the true value...

By: ParkLogic Pty Ltd. From Australia

Domain Apps

The platform is suitable for websites and domains from any category, with or without content...

By: Domain Apps, LLC From USA


They also personally optimize the landing pages of every domain with automatic lander testing...

By: Rook Media AG From USA

The Parking Place

It accepts all types of domains from any category and niche...

By: Media Breakaway, LLC From USA

Rook Media

It claims to generate more revenue for its clients than any other parking agency online...

By: Rook Media AG From Switzerland

Bodis Review and Overview

Once a blog or a site starts gaining considerable traffic, it can start earning large sums of money in real-time. Domain names can become a promising source of income. That being said, it is not quite easy to monetize domain names. It requires the application of the little grey cells to achieve this feat. Technologies keep evolving as days pass by. The integration of this technology in our daily lives makes our world a better place to live in. Bodis is the embodiment of cutting-edge technology, which saves one from the task of manually managing domain names.

Characteristics that can benefit anyone

Bodis can guide a domain investor to buy promising domains. In order to earn profit by re-selling a domain name, the domain name needs proper maintenance. The incredibly smart features of Bodis can prove to be of great help in this situation. Bodis ensures the highest return of investment. With Bodis by one’s side, the chances of someone buying a domain name increases manifold. In reality, Bodis lists the domain names in popular selling platforms. If a person is a domain registrar, hen Bodis provides a whole lot of customization and opportunities for earning money to that person.

What makes Bodis so smart

Bodis tracks pre-defined metrics as well as customised metrics and provides a comprehensive report in a single dashboard. The filters Bodis offers are quite smart and can be used to filter results that exactly match what one is seeking. The dashboard is quite flexible and can be customised in a breeze. This dashboard provides highly valuable insights. One can even add these filters for future reference. Any customised field can be turned into a widget for future reference.

Smart domain management

Whenever an important change occurs in any one of the various fields, Bodis will instantly notify. With Bodis, one can export any domain from anywhere. Unlike other selling methods where one receives payments after a long tenure, Bodis pays within a fixed span of 7 days. We team up with popular advertisers from around the world so that our clients receive maximum earnings. 

Company Information

Company Name: Bodis, LLC

Founded in: 2007