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Buxfer is a personal finance web application that allows you to manage your money more wisely by putting them all in one place. Buxfer allows you to understand your own cash flow, reduce unnecessary spending, and set a future saving goal. The features included in this software are insightful and detailed reports, custom tagging, real-time alerts, budgeting, forecasting, and secure automatic sync. It has bank-level security with secure encryption and daily scans and audit. A free account is available with basic features and unlimited transaction allowance.

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Top Buxfer Alternatives and Overview



Quicken is a money management software that allows you to organize your money in a simple way.

By: Intuit, Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes


Mint offers all-in-one personal finance management solution that allows you to pay bills on time, budget your money, and get free credit score.

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iBank is a personal finance software created by IGG Software, which allows you to create budgets, control your spending, analyze your investments, increase your saving, and set goals for your future finances.

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Toshl allows you to understand about your finances, so that you can manage your money properly.

By: Toshl Inc. From USA


MoneyWiz helps you to simplify your money management tasks, which allows you to forecast your finances and get out of debt more quickly.

By: SilverWiz Ltd.


PocketSmith provides a complete personal finance software that allows you to forecast your finances, so that you can expect what is coming in the future.

By: PocketSmith Ltd. From New Zealand


It offers various useful features that help you to manage your money quickly and effectively...

By: MechCAD Software LLC From USA


You can see all your financial transactions within the account dashboard...

By: ClearCheckbook.com From USA


With this software, you can quickly and securely sign up into your account, have instant...

By: Money Dashboard Limited. From UK


It has all the tools you’d need to lead your life free from any financial...

By: LowerMyBills
Based on 2 Votes


This software helps you to optimize your budget and provides recommendations on how to cut...

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There are three main categories within the software: Accounts, Investments, and Reports, which allow you...

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It helps you to create your budget, analyze your spending, and do various money management...

By: SplashData Inc From USA


You can start your budget and control your spending easily with this software...

By: Strands, Inc. From USA


It features better budgeting method, money tracking, simple all-in-one money management, a strong security encryption...

By: iSquare Inc. From USA

Buxfer Review and Overview

Buxfer is an online software program that aims to eliminate the hassles involved with the management of multiple bank accounts. Simply put, it integrates the information of all the active bank accounts of an individual and displays them in one place.

From there, the user may view and interact with the information as they see fit. This information mainly includes the account balance at each bank and the transaction information. Thus, it can effectively act as a personal bookkeeping platform.

How to use it?

Buxfer is completely online, so it is cross-platform in nature. Users may download a mobile app for increased accessibility or may use the online platform on their desktops. Registered users may add their preferred banking solution and link their bank accounts to the portal by entering their credentials.

The process is 100% secure as Buxfer uses the most state-of-the-art encryption methods that are regularly enhanced by security professionals according to upcoming technology. After that, one can easily view a variety of information from the Dashboard section. This information is updated regularly so that the information shown is the latest.

Budgets and insight-based forecasting

Buxfer allows the setting of daily budgets in order to maximize the financial efficiency of the user. It also analyses the transactional information of the users to give useful insights into the spending habits of the user. These insights can then be used for setting a budget limit that is most appropriate depending on your spending.

It also keeps a track of all your bills paid, which allows it to predict your future spending as well. This feature makes it very useful as a money management platform.

Long-term planning

Last but not the least, Buxfer also allows the setting of realistic long-term goals based on its powerful forecasting feature. Its “Goals” feature uses an innovative forecasting algorithm that forecasts the user's net worth over the years, taking into account the various ups-and-downs of the market and gives financial advice based on the gained insights. This ensures smart spending and smarter retirement plans.

Company Information

Company Name: Buxfer Inc.

Company Address: Sunnyvale, California, USA

Founded in: 2007

Top Features

  • Offline Syncing
  • Bank-level Security
  • High-grade Encryption
  • Regular Audits
  • Automatic Bank Transaction Download
  • Uploading Statements
  • Supported Statements Format
  • Reconcile Uploaded Transactions
  • Using Free-form Tags
  • Attaching Multiple Tags
  • Own Tagging Structure Creation
  • Visualization Tools
  • Spotting Unexpected Expenses
  • Reducing Unwanted Expenses
  • Setup Spending Limits
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Planning Upcoming Expenses
  • Account Balance Drops Forecasting
  • Prevent Unnecessary Overdraft
Shared Expenses
  • Tracking Share Expenses
  • Sending Money to Family