By: Caktus Group, LLC

Caktus specializes in providing web and SMS solutions. Its services include discovery workshop, custom web application development, SMS application development, and best practice consulting. It follows agile methodology with rapid iterations for project execution. It uses open source technology extensively, and contributes to open source community through various projects. It extensively uses Python and Django for its projects serving clients from all sectors.

From: USA
Top Caktus Alternatives
  • Surge
  • Kanda
  • Luxoft
  • Trigent Software
  • Box UK
  • Logic Software
  • TatvaSoft
  • Andersen
  • Itransition
  • OpenXCell
  • Net Solutions
  • Nerdery
  • e-Zest
  • Creative Chaos
  • CodeFirst
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Top Caktus Alternatives and Overview



Surge is a software consulting firm, also providing technical talent on demand to its clients while maintaining complete management, administration, infrastructure and training at its own end.

By: Surge, LLC From USA


Kanda is a premier custom software development and quality assurance company serving businesses of all sizes, and with a special focus on start-ups, belonging to the sector of digital healthcare.

By: Kanda Software Inc. From USA


Luxoft is an IT company that offers software development services to clients from across the planet.

By: Luxoft USA Inc. From Switzerland

Trigent Software

Trigent is a CMM Level 4 company, which provides IT outsourcing and offshore software development services.

By: Trigent Software Inc. From USA

Box UK

Box UK provides high-performance web and mobile solutions through agile processes to businesses aiming to have high return on investment for their digital vision.

By: Box UK Limited From UK

Logic Software

Logic Software is a custom software development specialist that provides custom programming, database design, client server and internet/intranet software application development.

By: Logic Software, Inc. From Canada


It is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and develops web applications as well as desktop...

By: TatvaSoft From India


However, the path to real globalization can be difficult for companies...

By: Andersen
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It delivers a broad spectrum of development and consulting services to clients of different sizes...

By: Itransition Group Ltd. From USA


It is a global mobile app development company that provides Windows, iOS and Android applications...

By: Openxcell Technolabs Private Limited From USA

Net Solutions

It also helps businesses by creating growth opportunities for them...

By: Net Solutions From India


Nerdery doesn’t sell mobile apps or websites; it sells access to problem solvers who redefine...

By: The Nerdery, LLC From USA


Its software development services cover onsite/offshore development, custom application development, and bespoke development...

By: e-Zest Solutions Inc. From USA

Creative Chaos

It specializes in delivery of complex systems including bespoke web platforms, mobile applications, as well...

By: Creative Chaos LLC From USA


We specialise in providing outsourced software development services to companies worldwide...

By: CodeFirst

Caktus Review and Overview

Caktus is a platform that helps users create custom web apps that are responsive, scalable and according to your needs. You can augment your development team with their experts to improve code quality. Delivery of apps can be accelerated through DevOps and can be hosted securely and with increased uptime.

Create custom web apps

Users can create responsive, CMS driven websites according to their specifications. Websites can be made without unnecessary bloat that is enforced by other website portals. Product rollout is accelerated, and you can build a single uniformly designed platform which can be further optimized for each department. Sending out surveys for research to a large group of people is also possible through Caktus systems. You can measure the output and analyze each site through powerful visualization tools.

Hosting and security

Caktus offers managed hosting for AWS compute, storage, network and Cloudfront. All sysadmin tasks such as installation, server maintenance, troubleshooting and tech support can be done quickly. Enhanced server and application monitoring systems can track every server and log potential risks such as security flaws and intrusions. Regular security scans are conducted to ensure safety from DDOS attacks, intrusion detection and data theft. Data backups are performed promptly, and no data is lost.

DevOps Utilities

Deployment bottlenecks are eliminated by configuring environments according to the customer's needs for several cloud platforms. Server setup can be done at the customer's premise too. Hosting on a variety of platforms is available with assistance to ease up the process. Caktus can help in deploying on Kubernetes to ensure efficiency. Trained experts perform zero-downtime migrations. Ansible is used to automate the deployment of your applications on cloud networks while ensuring available and stability of all resources at all times. Continuous Integration and Deployment for all phases are provided to users.

Company Information

Company Name: Caktus Group, LLC

Company Address: 108 Morris Street Suite 2, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Founded in: 2007