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camelcamelcamel is an Amazon affiliate and price change notification service that lets users know when the prices of products they wish to purchase are selling at a discounted price. It sends out email alerts regarding price drops to the users so that they get the maximum value for money. The price variation charts keep track of the item's price for a period and notify the time when it goes on sale for a reduced price. The data is updated in real-time by fetching information from Amazon's product listing pages. camelcamelcamel also features browser extensions that let users know the changes without opening emails or visiting product pages.

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Top camelcamelcamel Alternatives and Overview


Jungle Scout

By: Jungle Scout
Based on 13 Votes


Perpetua is an E-Commerce and online marketplace optimization software that helps the business personnel in promoting their products and services over the online servers and websites without facing any delays and hassles.

By: Perpetua

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a platform that allows its users to increase the visibility and sales on Amazon in an automatic way.

By: Viral Launch
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Terapeak is a tool that provides actionable insights to help users in improving their eBay listings.

By: eBay
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This framework is a complete resource for a variety of business processes such as inventory management, keyword management, and profit accounting.

By: Sellics Marketplace Analytics GmbH
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Auctiva is a sales and listing management system for platforms such as Amazon and eBay that provide tools that will enhance your customers' shopping experience.

By: OpenSky
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It helps the users in quickly developing their user community and ultimately helps them in...

By: inkFrog, Inc.
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By: A2X
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Thus, companies must learn how to engage customers properly...

By: SageMailer From USA
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It also provides specialized analysis and research system that allows online retailers to zoom ahead...

By: Algopix
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By: RepricerExpress
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SellerLegend provides all the tools that users need for managing their Amazon business with the...

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SellerApp provides well-defined strategies and assistance that allows users from beginning to end quickly...

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It offers multiple tools that enable users to work together...

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By: Feedvisor
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camelcamelcamel Review and Overview

Online shopping consumers look for the best possible deals so that they can get the most out of their hard-earned money. They continuously look for discounts, price drops on their favorite products and then purchase them for use. Continually checking the product listing for discounts are very difficult and time-consuming. There are some nifty applications and online services that let consumers do the same. They keep track of the products and notify them whenever there are any noteworthy discounts or price drops for the products that the customers wish to purchase. camelcamelcamel is such an online service for people who are always trying to hunt discounts on products. It helps users to get notified about the products on their watch list.

Price drop alert

The main objective of camelcamelcamel is the price drop alert system that notifies the user regarding the reduction of the number of items that were present in his watchlist. It can import the Amazon watchlist of the user and keep track of the fluctuations in the product cost. This ensures that the consumer need not visit the product listing page every time he wishes to check the availability and pricing of the products.

It also maintains history charts that monitor and record the price fluctuations in the price of any particular product. It then plots it on the graph so that users can understand the trend on variations in the pricing. The data is updated regularly from the product listing page of Amazon.

Product search and support

It offers a search option for finding products without going into Amazon's website. Search results show the comparison prices – previous, current, and refurbished prices if available for the product. Users can create an RSS feed for notifying the costs of a particular item. Results are displayed in a tabular format for easy access.

It supports local Amazon websites from different countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and France. So users can know the domestic prices of the same product in different countries. Most of them provide international shipping, and it is better to find a region-specific deal.

No need to register to know about prices

camelcamelcamel does not require a signup to access the features. It is purely optional, and an email address is required only if the user wants to get email notifications for the product listing. They can simply add the feed address to their browser, and its good to go. They guarantee complete email address privacy and never sell the emails to a third-party mailing list service.

It features a browser extension called Camelizer that is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that lets you track the product from the browser extensions tab.

Price watch management

The price watch is a tabular format page that shows details regarding the product – name and description, the desired price and the current price, and then the links to the product page and reviews of the product. There are smart filters that help users to view only the required information regarding the product.

It can import the wishlist and by taking the URL of any public wishlist and then reads information about the items which the user has not purchased. It starts tracking those products and notifies the user regarding the prices.

Company Information

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Founded in: 2004