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CircleUp is an online investment platform which offers accredited investors access to investments in retail and consumer product companies which were previously hard for identifying and accessing. For consumer products and retail entrepreneurs, CircleUp offers an easy way for accessing a community of investors and value added partners. Usual investments on this crowdfunding platform are restaurants, retails companies, personal care, pet products, food and apparels.

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  • Experiment
  • Kickstarter
  • GoFundMe
  • Crowdcube
  • GoGetFunding
  • StartEngine
  • CrowdRise
  • RocketHub
  • Razoo
  • Companisto
  • Fundable
  • FundedByMe
  • Pozible
  • EquityNet
  • SeedInvest
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Top CircleUp Alternatives and Overview



Experiment is a leading crowdfunding organization which consists of scientists and researchers.

By: Experiment Inc. From USA


Kickstarter which is a reputable crowdfunding platform intends to let different types of creative people - game developers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, musicians - raise funds for projects by getting connected with their fans that get exclusive rewards and access in exchange for patronage.

By: Kickstarter Inc. From USA
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GoFundMe changes the method the world gives. The members of...

By: GoFundMe, Inc. From USA
Based on 21 Votes


Crowdcube is an investment crowdfunding platform that allows people to loan or invest money in small businesses in return for an annual return, or equity.

By: Crowdcube Capital Ltd From UK


By: GoGetFunding
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StartEngine is a crowdfunding platform which revolutionizes the financing model for startups.

By: StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. From USA


It has been ranked one among the top twenty five crowdfunding sites...

By: CrowdRise, Inc. From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It helps individuals to raise huge amounts of money for campaigns which matter to them...

By: RocketHub, Inc. From USA


It powers charity acts which together get to change the world...

By: Razoo Global Corporation From USA


The investors at Companisto can be a part of the organization with investments of their...

By: Companisto GmbH From Germany


Fundable understands the challenges that people face as they create businesses...

By: Fundable LLC From USA


It offers equity, reward and loan-based crowdfunding services...

By: FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB From Sweden


It was launched for helping people to raise funds, make things possible and realize aspirations...

By: Pozible From Australia


The multi-patented platform from EquityNet includes a lot of investors and entrepreneurs, government support entities...

By: EquityNet, LLC. From USA


It gives investors the access to good investment opportunities...

By: SeedInvest Technology, LLC From USA

CircleUp Review and Overview

CircleUp helps entrepreneurs and consumer brands starting from scratch, from setting up to progressively expanding and sustaining in the market, and ultimately to invariably succeed. They assist in amply securing financial help as well as necessary resources.

Power of CircleUp

CircleUp has diverse connections from prospective investors to help you with your financial hiccups to leading retailers and experienced industry experts to bring up your business in any challenging market. Their network also includes countless entrepreneurs to build a connection among the others.

CircleUp also provides monetary assistance to start ups and in expanding business both in the form of equity and credit. Any unique financial need the business has is solved by Circle Up.

CircleUp Machine Learning platform, Helio

Helio is a machine learning platform developed by CircleUp to help provide powerful insights on consumer market information. It collects public data points and partner data as well as practitioner data from more than a million institutions. This data collected is used for evaluating financial and team performance. It also helps keep a check on the brand and product performance and its distribution rate. The team performance check helps with making better productivity plans. Ultimately this helps gain visual insights on financial dependence and growth of the business. This is especially useful for entrepreneurs and financers to plan better and optimize their business strategy.


CircleUp has helped some well-known brands in their early days of growth and in the brand establishment with the help of their unlimited networking and meaningful connections. The machine learning utility is very helpful in branching out the business or launching something innovative as it gives insights on the right decisions to be made at the right time with data collected. Helio by CircleUp adds value to the private business. The financial aid that CircleUp provides in all stages of the business helps scale business to new heights.

Company Information

Company Name: CircleUp Network, Inc.

Company Address: 818 Mission Street Suite 300, San Francisco, California, USA

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Transparent Process
  • Flexible Capital
  • Exclusive Data Insight
  • Access Vast Network
  • Worldwide Access
  • Detailed Company Information
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Offer Low APR
  • Expertise In CPG
  • Professional Support Team