Clockify is a time tracking software that is meant to be used in a professional or work-based environment. The software has been designed to enable companies to work smoothly and efficiently by providing them with the necessary tools and features. The software is top-rated as it is available to users free of cost.

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Top Clockify Alternatives
  • Hubstaff
  • Time Doctor
  • RescueTime
  • eBillity
  • Harvest
  • BRIC
  • TSheets
  • Toggl
  • ezClocker
  • Replicon
  • uAttend
  • ClickTime
  • SpringAhead
  • Time Clock Wizard
  • BigTime
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Top Clockify Alternatives and Overview



Hubstaff provides a time tracking software that allows you to take screenshots and monitor your activity levels.

By: Netsoft Holdings, LLC. From USA
Based on 93 Votes

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an accurate time tracking software, which helps businesses and individuals to manage their time better.

By: From Australia
Based on 29 Votes


RescueTime provides time management software that helps to keep the productivity in your workplace, as well as understand your daily habits.

By: RescueTime From USA
Based on 12 Votes


eBillity is a time tracking software that you can access from anywhere.

By: From USA


Harvest is a simple online time tracking software that helps to boost your productivity.

By: Iridesco, LLC From USA
Based on 37 Votes


Teams use Bric to confidently manage their calendars. Bric combines...

By: Bric
Based on 10 Votes


It features QuickBooks integration, mobile time tracking with GPS, simple payroll management, job costing reports...

By:, LLC From USA
Based on 484 Votes


It features one-click time tracking, team collaboration, detailed reports, transparent billing, real-time syncing between devices...

By: Toggl OÜ From Estonia
Based on 88 Votes


You can’t let your employees slack off or waste their time during the work hours...

By: ezClocker From USA
Based on 5 Votes


It features instant project creation, billing management, easy time capture by project, task-level time tracking...

By: Replicon From USA
Based on 49 Votes


Founded in 2005 by Workwell Technologies, uAttend has been quite popular in the market with...

By: Workwell
Based on 36 Votes


It features a simple time-entry interface, management and integration, mobile time entry, billable time entries...

By:, Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


Moreover, it also provides software for client invoicing...

By: SpringAhead
Based on 13 Votes

Time Clock Wizard

It features timesheet requests, advanced employee scheduling, email and text message schedules, shift switch requests...

By: From USA
Based on 11 Votes


It features time tracking, mobile time and billing app, task and engagement tracking, dashboard and...

By: Bigtime Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 46 Votes

Clockify Review and Overview

Unlike other time tracking software, Clockify is meant to be for all and can be used by an infinite number of users. The application has been designed to work within a web browser, but runs on a PC or a smartphone as well. The flexibility of using any device for the tracking operations helps to draw in more users for the platform. Users can be assured that the data is stored accurately, regardless of the device they are using, because of the in-built synchronisation feature in the software.

Why choose Clockify?

Clockify has made time tracking more relaxed than ever before. The platform has been designed in a manner that accurately measures where the user is spending his/her time, helping them to become more productive and accountable. The software stores the time data entries in an efficient manner, so that users have a comprehensive report at the end of the day, which helps them to calculate the time they are spending on a particular work.

How is it free?

At Clockify, the developers decided to offer time tracking services at no extra cost for everyone. It is often believed that when something is being provided at no cost, there is always a catch. Users of the platform can stay assured that there is no such thing at Clockify. However, if the users want a more advanced version of the software which comes attached with numerous extra features, customers will have to pay a small premium to unlock them.


Clockify helps users to keep accurate records of time data, improves their profits, and provides a comprehensive dashboard where the employer can check what the employees are up to. The software is used and trusted by freelancers, merchants, NGOs, and even by Fortune 500 companies, because of its world-class service and innovative solutions. 

Company Information

Company Name: COING Inc

Founded in: 2017