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Cloudcraft is a platform using which you can create a cloud-based infrastructure and visualize it in a better way using 3D tools and techniques. Users can check various requirements and grasp budgetary information, which will provide many insights on your network. You can connect your real infrastructure with this application to get rich, real-time insights.

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Top Cloudcraft Alternatives
  • Visio
  • Whimsical
  • ProcessOn
  • LibreOffice Draw
  • OpenOffice Draw
  • FlowMapp
  • Vecta
  • Space Designer 3D
  • Maptive
  • Dia diagram editor
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Top Cloudcraft Alternatives and Overview


By: JGraph
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Microsoft Visio is a publishing software aimed at creating flowcharts and diagrams with ease.

By: Microsoft
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Whimsical is a platform that allows users to stay organized by designing visuals that go a great length to help them out in professional life on a daily basis.

By: Whimsical
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ProcessOn is a simple online app created to facilitate mental processes through mindmaps and flowcharts.

By: ProcessOn
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LibreOffice Draw

This application lets you create intricate drawings, flowcharts, and diagrams with a host of tools and features.

By: LibreOffice
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OpenOffice Draw

OpenOffice Draw is a substantial tool for digital drawings. From...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
Based on 73 Votes


It allows the users to plan all the aspects of the projects for the efficient...

By: FlowMapp
Based on 9 Votes


It comes with a built-in SVG minifier and is highly extensible with JavaScript-based plugins...

By: Vecta
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Space Designer 3D

It is incredibly customizable and flexible, allowing designers to put into paper any type of...

By: Space Designer 3D
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It allows the users to generate charts with specific data displaying at geographical locations...

By: Maptive
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Dia diagram editor

By: The Dia Developers
Based on 13 Votes

Cloudcraft Review and Overview

Create a cloud architecture

You can create professional cloud architectures within a few minutes using the Cloudcraft visual designer, who is optimizable for AWS along with its smart components. Irrespective of whether you are starting a new project or you want to improve your existing one, Cloudcraft provides an easy way to iterate over your design and check various requirements such as capacity, bandwidth, and monthly running cost. It helps engineers by visualizing their cloud architecture and interactively separating component tiers. You can create well labeled and 3D models of the architectures along with API and geographical separation.

Customize as per your need

This system is AWS-optimized and is configurable in such a way that you can use EC2, ELB, Lambda, and RedShift and other components quickly. You can click on any element to analyze its current configuration as well as get a view of the monthly and weekly cost of its operation. Users can straightaway access the AWS Web Console for vital resources and tag the data they want to monitor. They can also invite their whole team to collaborate on their designs, export them to docs and create presentations over it. Thus cloud craft eliminates the need to use generic drawing tools.

Get real-time insights

You can model your real AWS environment by securely connecting it with your existing cloud environments. Cloudcroft lives capable of instantly analyzing the service relationship of your AWS infrastructure, and it also can help by reverse engineering a complete system architecture design that you provide as input. Auto-Layout and advanced account scanner are also available as an API to you. Once you import a model, your components can stay connected to your environment and display real-time configuration data, health, and status information.

Company Information

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