Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN

By: CloudFlare, Inc.

CloudFlare content delivery network has been designed over a powerful set of hardware, internet server and networks with the aim of making it a next-generation CDN. CloudFlare CDN stores caches of static web pages of client websites for quick delivery to users while delivering dynamic content directly from client server. With multiple data centers across the world, Anycast tool routes a visitor to the nearest data center for faster delivery.

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Top Cloudflare CDN Alternatives
  • Azure
  • LimeLight
  • Bootstrapcdn
  • CloudFront
  • Fastly
  • Limelight Networks
  • MaxCDN
  • Highwinds
  • Akamai CDN
  • KeyCDN
  • Filestack
  • Cloudinary
  • CDN77
  • Google Cloud CDN
  • EdgeCast
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Top Cloudflare CDN Alternatives and Overview



Azure is a modern-day content delivery network designed for high-bandwidth content.

By: Microsoft Corporation From USA
Based on 87 Votes


Limelight ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of digital content over the internet.

By: Limelight Networks, Inc. From USA
Based on 5 Votes


By: Bootstrapcdn
Based on 13 Votes


Amazon CloudFront is a very popular online content delivery service...

By: Amazon Web Services, Inc. From USA


Fastly content delivery network gives users real-time access to their content with the ability to manage and update content in milliseconds.

By: Fastly, Inc. From USA

Limelight Networks

Limelight Network is a robust content delivery network that delivers high-quality videos and content without making your users wait for it for too long.

By: Limelight Networks
Based on 4 Votes


MaxCDN employs a multipath network to route the content through the quickest path possible...

By: NetDNA, LLC. From USA


Whether you are allowing users to download large files or streaming live videos on your...

By: Highwinds Network Group, Inc. From USA

Akamai CDN

In addition to multi-device delivery, Akamai ensures faster and secure transaction and delivery of rich...

By: Akamai Technologies, Inc. From USA


KeyCDN features and applications include SPDY 3.1 and OCSP stapling, real-time raw logs, 24x7 global...

By: proinity LLC From Switzerland
Based on 23 Votes


It helps them handle files and manage the uploading, transformations, and delivery to any app...

By: Filestack
Based on 2 Votes


The software allows websites and business to upload and manage their images in the cloud...

By: Cloudinary Ltd. From USA
Based on 28 Votes


Some of the reasons to use CDN77 include transparent pricing with pay as you go...

By: DataCamp Limited From UK
Based on 6 Votes

Google Cloud CDN

By: Google
Based on 14 Votes


EdgeCast offers several services including live streaming to worldwide viewers, website and content security, spike...

By: EdgeCast Networks, Inc. From USA

Cloudflare CDN Review and Overview

Imagine your website takes almost 20 seconds to load. Would you expect your target audience to wait for so long just for buffering? Maybe yes, had it been two decades ago, but no longer now. Being available for your consumers when they need you can be a make or break point in customer satisfaction and your business. You need a trusted CDN network that will guarantee the high performance of your website through the globally distributed network of proxy servers and data centers. Cloudflare CDN speeds up your website and improves user engagement with real-time network intelligence for routing traffic.

A highly customizable static and dynamic CDN

Cloudflare's data centers expand throughout the globe to cache static content and deliver dynamic content. It supports over 27 million internet properties and uses Argi Smart Routing so that content requests travel through the fastest and most reliable private links. The determination of the most efficient destination helps to load balance the traffic across varied origins. Its global anycast network also offers a rich ecosystem oriented towards videos. Concurrent Streaming Acceleration feature reduces end-to-end latency and perks up video delivery speed, no matter from which corner of the world your visitors are accessing your webpage.

Reduce your bandwidth consumption costs

You gain control over the caching of content with Cloudflare Cache API. Specify what content gets cached and purged and how long. With caching on the Cloudflare network, you get fewer origin requests, which consequently reduces bandwidth consumption. Not only do customers get predictable bandwidth pricing, but they also get no-surge pricing in case of attacks. If you use one of Cloudflare's partners as your website's hosting platform, you get the benefit of significantly reduced data egress costs every time you request dynamic content. This increased savings are possible due to the Bandwidth Alliance between Cloudflare and its partners.  

Get cache insights with Cloudflare 

Get functional insights on your website caching and exercise as much granularity as you want. See on the dashboard how your website is performing as per the requests and data transfers. From the drill-down graphs, you can find out which URLs missed the cache. Make configurations accordingly and let the bandwidth costs hit rock bottom as your cache-hit ratio aims for the sky. Additionally, Cloudflare's HTTP/3 support accelerates traffic delivery with default encryptions for a more reliable and secure connection.

Company Information

Company Name: CloudFlare, Inc.

Company Address: 665 Third Street suite 207, San Francisco, CA, USA

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

  • Powerful Internet-Server & Networks
  • Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Anycast Tool Routes
  • Static Web Pages
  • High Transfer Speeds
  • Anycast Technology Based
  • Fast Efficient Optimized
  • Mobile Image Optimization
  • Local Storage Caching
  • Multiplexing & Header Compression
  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
  • Eliminates Mixed Content
  • Transportation Layer Security
  • Flat Bandwidth Pricing
  • Enhanced End-To-End Reachability
  • Newest & Most Efficient Hardware
  • Advanced Security & Performance
  • Easy DNS Management
  • Advanced Configuration Options
  • Basic Web Application
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited Custom Rulesets
  • Role-Based Account Access