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Companisto, an equity-based crowdfunding organization lets people to team up for becoming shareholders in startups or properties. The investors at Companisto can be a part of the organization with investments of their choice. This also means that they can participate in increases and profits of the properties or startups. Moreover, Companisto does not require any minimum investment amount. So, everyone can participate in the investment campaigns.

From: Germany
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Top Companisto Alternatives and Overview



Experiment is a leading crowdfunding organization which consists of scientists and researchers.

By: Experiment Inc. From USA


Kickstarter which is a reputable crowdfunding platform intends to let different types of creative people - game developers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, musicians - raise funds for projects by getting connected with their fans that get exclusive rewards and access in exchange for patronage.

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GoFundMe changes the method the world gives. The members of...

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StartEngine is a crowdfunding platform which revolutionizes the financing model for startups.

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Crowdrise, a crowdfunding program is about raising loads of funds for charity, while having fun.

By: CrowdRise, Inc. From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It helps individuals to raise huge amounts of money for campaigns which matter to them...

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It powers charity acts which together get to change the world...

By: Razoo Global Corporation From USA


For consumer products and retail entrepreneurs, CircleUp offers an easy way for accessing a community...

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Fundable understands the challenges that people face as they create businesses...

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It offers equity, reward and loan-based crowdfunding services...

By: FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB From Sweden


It was launched for helping people to raise funds, make things possible and realize aspirations...

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The multi-patented platform from EquityNet includes a lot of investors and entrepreneurs, government support entities...

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It gives investors the access to good investment opportunities...

By: SeedInvest Technology, LLC From USA


It is a great way for funding anything and it is free for getting started...

By: Crowdfund International, LLC From USA

Companisto Review and Overview

Companisto provides a unique platform on which investors and companies can come together to help each other through capital investments. It allows businesses to get angel funding from interested affluent partners. The entire procedure takes a few minutes and is done online for ease and transparency.

A company registered to get funding through this platform has all their information displayed to prospective investors. Along with this information, they can see the exact details of participation in your company and your financials. The investors receive a copy of their contracts as soon as Companisto registers their money. You can also see the progress of a company on your dashboard.

Get express funding

Companisto provides funding to startups and companies that have a marketable product and a promising business idea by giving them access to angel investment clubs and wealthy interested individuals. Companies that wish to get funded through Companisto must pass a few criteria, such as a minimum funding amount requirement. If standards are satisfied by that startup, they can be financed within a few weeks with real money reflected in balance sheets. A simple two-stage process guarantees funding to your product if your statistics match and appeal to the angel investor clubs that this platform hosts.

Invest in companies

This platform hosts a specialized section for affluent and interested people in business in the DHCA region, which are capable of investing money in other companies. This particular club of investors is known as Angel Club and allows the individuals to attend startup pitches and connect with people that have the same interests but with a more substantial economic background. Users in the Angel Club can invest as little as 500 Euros in the company of their interest and can get equity and voting rights to that business. They can also get aces to special events and get-togethers.

Other features

The process of getting funding or fund a company is easy through Companisto. All you need to do is first select in which company do you want to invest in your money. A host of such exciting and pre-vetted companies are available on your dashboard. Then you can choose the amount that you want to invest and deliver that sum online. Every part of this transaction takes place over the Internet and takes a few minutes overall, and your investment grants corporate participation rights and exit profitability to you.

Company Information

Company Name: Companisto GmbH

Company Address: Köpenicker Str. 154, Berlin, Germany

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

  • Online Investment
  • Get Review Anytime
  • Fast Processing
  • Transparent Investments
  • Professional Partners
  • Professional Support Team