Core Banking

Core Banking

By: Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.

Core Banking from FIS is a complete banking solution platform. The software is ideal for all types of financial institutions and organizations including, credit unions, bankers’ banks, mid-tier and large financial institutions, thrifts, de novo and community banks and international financial institutions. FIS core banking is aimed at maximizing growth and increasing productivity for multiple banking operations including retail, investment, commercial or direct banking.

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Top Core Banking Alternatives
  • Celeriti
  • Cleartouch
  • Cloud Banking
  • FinnOne Neo
  • Siena
  • PixelPlex OTC Hawk
  • Kastle
  • Avaloq Banking Suite
  • Bank Core
  • SilverLake System
  • Sopra Banking Platform
  • SIT Portfolio Plus
  • FusionBanking
  • iCore360
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Top Core Banking Alternatives and Overview



Celeriti banking and finance software is used by many leading banks and enterprises as a complete banking solution for various processes including cards, payments and lending.

By: Computer Sciences Corporation From USA


Cleartouch by Fiserv is real-time, web-based banking software designed for banks to manage their tasks and workflows through a single dashboard.

By: Fiserv, Inc. From USA

Cloud Banking

Cloud Banking by Temenos is a cloud-based banking and finance platform aimed at providing banks with the innovative, flexible and cost-effective banking deployment models.

By: Temenos Headquarters SA From Switzerland

FinnOne Neo

FinnOne Neo is complete banking solution integrated with several application and products, designed to provide assistance in risk management, decision-making and other operations of the lending lifecycle.

By: Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. From India
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Siena banking solutions by Eurobase are used by financial companies worldwide.

By: Eurobase International Limited From UK

PixelPlex OTC Hawk

The modern craze for cryptocurrency is not at all unfounded...

By: PixelPlex From USA
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It also offers many specialized corporate banking products aimed at managing risk, payments, treasury and...

By: The 3i Infotech Ltd. From India


EBANQ is an ideal banking solution for small & medium sized banks, credit unions, savings...

By: Ebanq Holdings BV From Netherlands
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Avaloq Banking Suite

In addition to core banking functionalities, Avaloq Banking Suite also offers latest technology based customized...

By: Avaloq Licence AG From Switzerland

Bank Core

Bank Core offers several banking products to suit the needs of different banks and organizations...

By: DH Corporation From Canada

SilverLake System

SilverLake System is suitable for any financial organization ranging from community banks to mid-tier and...

By: Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. From USA

Sopra Banking Platform

It offers a quicker way to launch products, superior position keeping for increased margins and...

By: Sopra Banking Software From France

SIT Portfolio Plus

SIT banking software is ideal to be used by banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, automotive...

By: Strategic Information Technology (SIT) Ltd. From Canada


It helps businesses to increase customer value by knowing the latest banking trends in the...

By: From UK
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The software is equipped with the leading-edge technology and is built upon ASP.NET Web-enabled architecture...

By: Data Center Inc. From USA

Core Banking Review and Overview

Every industry has undergone a digital transformation in this modern era, and banking has been no exception. New technologies have redesigned business models of banks and how they interact with their customers. Choosing the right technology provider thus becomes a crucial step for financial institutions in meeting the ever-increasing customer demands. FIS global comes with a modern core platform that gives you a competitive edge in offering compelling customer experience. It's Core Banking solution helps you adapt to the transformation from a hackneyed operational model and realize its benefits in facing challenges in the digital age. 

A modern core platform for banking advancements

FIS Core Banking is a cloud-native platform, so you get all the perks of cloud security, actionable analytics, monitoring, and regulations. The cloud capability allows you to deliver continuously with diminished operational costs and flexible scaling options. The API-first technology puts you in control of your banking and helps you adopt a DevOps approach for newer innovations in your management. It is a real-time end-to-end core solution that reduces your IT burden even as you launch new products and expand your customer base. If you want, you can also add third-party vendors to make unique customer-centric offerings.

Serving financial institutions of all sizes

FIS Global's Core Banking has customized solutions for one and all. It identifies the unique customer demands for the community, mid-tier, large, and global financial institutions. It offers an assortment of options where you can decide whether to redefine your system and implement a fully-integrated core strategy or to keep your current policy and complement it with crucial advancement features. You have the flexibility to configure your strategy with the evolving market for the effective delivery of your services. All along, it ensures compliance with global regulatory standards in every step, be it in customer record or a transaction. 

Play a more prominent role in your customers' lives

The FIS Modern Banking Platform helps you meet your customer where they are. The pre-built analytics model, along with API toolkit integrations, uncovers real-time data and predictive analysis that enables you to understand your customers. Simultaneously, you benefit from improved fraud detection and prevention. On the same core platform, you can introduce new services and update your existing products to cater to emerging consumer needs. Use FIS's product management strategies to perk up your time to market when you make a new offering. With open, modular technology, you can offer bespoke customer experiences that drive profitable growth for your organization. 

Company Information

Company Name: Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.

Company Address: 601 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Contend & Regulatory Compliance
  • Integrated Core System
  • Investment Transformation
  • Legacy System
  • Accessing & Managing Finances
  • Pressures & Regulatory Burdens
  • Greater Engagement
  • Profitable Market Share
  • Tailored Customer Offerings
  • Viewing Customer Relationship
  • Instant Account Access
  • Mobile Banking
  • Latest Account Information
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Simplified Front-office Activities
  • Reducing Risks & Errors
  • Re-processing Elimination
  • Exception Handling & Reconciliation
  • Omni-channel Experience
  • Seamless Points Interaction
  • Modernization Cost-effective Phases
  • Disruption Minimization
  • Investments Preservation
  • Precise Segmentation