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Corrigo provides facilities maintenance and work dispatch solutions that help to cut business costs and improve customer satisfaction. It helps to strengthen your brand, control your spending, build the best team, connect work order network, and route service requests faster. It can be applied to restaurants, retailers, grocers, home builders, small businesses, hospitality, and more.

From: USA
Top Corrigo Alternatives
  • eMaint
  • FacilityDude
  • Maintenance Connection
  • mPulse
  • DPSI
  • TMA Systems
  • NETfacilities
  • MaxPanda
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Limble CMMS
  • Eworks Manager
  • Micromain
  • Maintenance Pro
  • HippoCMMS
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Top Corrigo Alternatives and Overview



eMaint provides CMMS, EAM, and maintenance programs with superior software and exceptional service.

By: eMaint Enterprises, LLC From USA
Based on 27 Votes


FacilityDude provides online facilities maintenance solutions and CMMS tools designed to help manage your facility.

By: From USA

Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection provides computerized maintenance management software that helps to connect maintenance professionals with their operations.

By: Maintenance Connection, Inc From USA
Based on 14 Votes


MPulse provides CMMS platform that is flexible and easy to use.

By: SpecTech, Inc From USA
Based on 2 Votes


DPSI provides computerized maintenance management software that is flexible, easy to customize, and scalable.

By: DPSI Inc From USA

TMA Systems

TMA Systems provide advanced maintenance management software designed for diversified industries.

By: TMA Systems, LLC From USA


It features work order management, asset tracking, preventive maintenance, vendor management, inventory management, job-site management...

By: NetFacilities Inc From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It features work order management, automated alerts and texts, inspections and reports, negative trend identification...

By: Maxpanda Software Inc From Canada

Maintenance Assistant

It features assets and set-up, work orders, preventive maintenance, rotating assets and spares, MRO inventory...

By: Maintenance Assistant Inc From Canada


It features maintenance management, asset management, storeroom management, purchasing management, multi-user profiles, report generator, email...

By: Mapcon Technologies, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes

Limble CMMS

We provide cutting edge technologies that help companies around the work maintain their assets and...

By: Limble CMMS
Based on 10 Votes

Eworks Manager

The system offers various high-end features and capabilities which operate on the admin system and...

By: Eworks Manager From United Kingdom
Based on 13 Votes


It features mobile CMMS, work orders, preventive maintenance, purchase orders, asset management, batch reports, predictive...

By: MicroMain Corporation From USA

Maintenance Pro

It features asset tracking, preventive maintenance, repair maintenance, history recording, maintenance notifications, parts inventory, work...

From USA


It features on-demand work order management, preventive maintenance management, asset and equipment management, inventory management...

By: Hippo Facilities Management Technologies, Inc From Canada

Corrigo Review and Overview

Corrigo is a facility management system that helps in repair and maintenance. This is a cloud-based system. It is basically the software needed for service. It also provides field services.

How does Corrigo help?

This platform removes the complexities of administration and provides a smooth working. It does the automation of processes and also provides business intelligence. It tries to provide transparency in the complete process of service delivery. You can monitor the work being done at every location. It has a feature that manages and monitors all moving parts involved in service delivery. It enables you to keep track of every detail. It gives you a real-time output of service from the point when the order for it was placed on to the payment step. It enables service providers to improve their current performance into a better one.

Platform Administration by Corrigo

This platform helps in expanding your reach. It manages the staff in accordance with the jobs given to them. You can incorporate this platform into your existing system. It does help you in improving your system by updating you with the latest technologies. You can explore the current trends and also optimize your performance.

What makes Corrigo unique?

It provides you with the information that will help you in judging whether you are working with a good technician and vendors or not. You can then check what changes can be made to achieve efficient work. The analytics tool of Corrigo helps you in determining the cases that can protect the bottom line of the organization. This analysis helps in predicting future decisions. It helps in predicting problems and also provides solutions to those problems.

Why go with Corrigo?

It autoroutes the tasks to the respective technician, which, in turn, makes the repair and maintenance easy and quick. It does have troubleshooting steps created for customers so that they can themselves solve some of the issues. The reporting tool of Corrigo provides you with reports that help you in analyzing your service delivery structure.

This analysis helps in fixing the problems, if any, and improving things for better performance. It gives you all the details about the assets that you need to manage so that you know about the pricing. They have an automatic warranty management system that will update you with reminders and notifications. It works on cloud technology so you can access all the records at any time.

Company Information

Company Name: Corrigo Incorporated

Company Address: 8245 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road, Tualatin, OR, USA

Founded in: 1999