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Crescendo is a web-based social media streamlining application that guides in improving business execution in social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Twitter. Crescendo utilizes its key measurements, such as the number of likes, number of followers, number of shares, and clicks per tweet, to effectively create and advance social media commitment. Browse the website to know more.

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Top Crescendo Alternatives
  • Crowdfire
  • Iconosquare
  • TailWind
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Lithium
  • Edgar
  • Amplifr
  • GAIN
  • TINT
  • KUKU
  • Sprout Social
  • Sprinklr
  • OneUp
  • SOCi
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Top Crescendo Alternatives and Overview



Crowdfire is a social media management platform which allows managing multiple social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn Etsy and many more.

By: Crowdfire Inc.
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Used by more than 25000 businesses and individuals, the platforms allows to connect Instagram as well as Facebook marketing solutions.

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Manage your Pintrest and Instagram using Tailwind's platform with features such as Scheduling, Marketing, Reporting and Analytics.

By: BridesView, Inc
Based on 7 Votes


Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard that can be used by any type of business.

By: Hootsuite Media Inc. From Canada
Based on 216 Votes


Buffer helps you to share your message across popular social media platforms and simplify your social media marketing process.

By: Buffer From USA
Based on 91 Votes


Lithium provides social media tools that help to manage your social customer service easily.

By: Lithium Technologies Inc. From USA


It features automatic queue filling, social media update management, content scheduling, automatic archival of every...

By: Roeder Studios, Inc. From USA
Based on 34 Votes


The social media process cycle of creation of content, the discussion made on the media...

By: Amplifr
Based on 18 Votes


The client can approve or ask for changes in the content using their smartphone and...

Based on 35 Votes


It makes the process of branding and advertising on social media a lot easier and...

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It acts as a leverage for organizations to gain more users and increase the brand’s...

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Sprout Social

It allows you to track each social media message, monitor brand keywords, get complete customer...

By: Sprout Social, Inc. From USA
Based on 41 Votes


It supports more than 20 social media platforms...

By: Sprinklr From USA


It works for all the major social media platforms, which include – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook...

By: OneUp
Based on 10 Votes


Operative since 2012, SOCi has provided the most useful tools in social media marketing with...

By: SOCi
Based on 17 Votes

Crescendo Review and Overview

The application has the technology to help every client precisely measure brand movement via web-based networking media platforms. It helps every client in dealing with content for most extreme client commitment. It works together closely with social media for refreshes in regards to product advancement, developments, and changes. Crescendo uses continuous information to cleverly groupings the distribution of your content with the goal that your distribution scopes to an applicable set of crowd. This drives higher commitment and sharing of your content with the target audience.

Crescendo utilizes continuous information to comprehend consistent interest changes in buyers completely. It maps out a client's content to windows where most extreme traffic is conceivable. The application's most recent innovation offers a full detail on how well a client's image is acting in social media. It additionally helps in sending appropriate messages at the opportune chance to a focused audience. Crescendo is extraordinary compared to other social media tools accessible in the market and makes online sharing simple and proficient.

Best Algorithms

The application utilizes intricate calculations to decide when a subject starts gaining interest in a client's crowd and is most intensely discussed. This helps increase a client's odds of interacting with clients through a navigate or re-tweets. It likewise carries out its responsibility by making Facebook information analysis to increase better comprehension on which posts crowd is making likes or comments.

Real-time Analysis

Essential highlights of Crescendo incorporate continuous analysis of conversational information, single-message detailing, predictive investigation, crowd focused messaging, logical information examination, Google Analytics docking, adherent development, and much more. Besides, Crescendo's article control usefulness empowers clients to adhere to their publication rules.


Crescendo interfaces with your content management framework utilizing RSS, XML, Drupal, WordPress Plug-In, and so on and afterward score your content against your dynamic audience before distributing those to social media. It likewise gives interface shortening and web analytics labeling. This can save heaps of time. It empowers clients to distribute online content at a predefined time, day or recurrence, in any event when you are offline. It permits you to make a modified queue of posts concurring in various time ranges.

Company Information

Company Name: SocialFlow

Founded in: 2009