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DataRobot is a reliable enterprise AI platform that allows you to automate all the processes for building, deploying, and maintaining AI at large scales. This platform is available at cloud mode and is supported by the latest open-source algorithms to derive better business outcomes by enabling AI-based decisions.

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Top DataRobot Alternatives
  • Protégé
  • Sparkling Water
  • scikit-learn
  • TensorFlow
  • Gensim
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • OpenAI Gym
  • Theano
  • Apache Storm
  • IBM Watson Studio
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Domino Data Lab
  • Big Squid
  • Plotly
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Top DataRobot Alternatives and Overview



MATLAB is a data science and machine learning-based development toolkit that processes iterative formulas into computer-based processes.

By: MathWorks
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Sparkling Water

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scikit-learn is a machine learning software that is available to everyone as it is offered completely free of cost.

By: Microsoft
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TensorFlow is an open-source library with functions that enable easy implementation of end-to-end machine learning models and datasets.

By: TensorFlow
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Gensim was developed in 2008, when it served as a form of digital library where it gave results of articles that sounded similar to the searched article.

By: Topik
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Salesforce Einstein

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning on processes, it increases customer satisfaction by switching guesswork...

By: Salesforce
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OpenAI Gym

The software has been created in such a manner that it supports a wide variety...

By: Spearmint
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The software program has been developed in such a way that it allows its users...

By: Statistiker
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Apache Storm

This open-source tool is compatible with several operating systems and is designed to deliver the...

By: machine-learning in Python
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IBM Watson Studio

It assists the users to generate models based on the statistical data...

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Azure Machine Learning Studio

This GUI-based integrated platform assists developers and data scientists throughout the development lifecycle and helps...

By: Microsoft
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Domino Data Lab

It allows the data scientists to process a vast amount of information with its platform...

By: Domino Data Lab
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Big Squid

It offers to consult for executives and business stakeholders to make optimized decisions and reap...

By: Super Learner
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By: Plotly
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DataRobot Review and Overview

This platform accelerates AI use to increase the productivity of your data scientists and integrates intelligent agents in your workflow rather than traditional systems. It allows you to create hundreds of models and deploy the best-performing ones in a short while with minimal effort.

Create ML models easily

DataRobot helps you automate the process of creating machine learning models with its expertise in the field, and it supports all steps required to build AI-based applications from scratch, including preparation, deployment, and maintenance. Engineers from non-data science background can also utilize this platform to create and use these technologies in the daily workflow. Hence, it moves the organization towards automation in an effective manner. With its extensive library of open-source and proprietary models from classic regression to the latest deep learning algorithms, it enables you to create diverse and advanced data models ready to be used in organizations.

AI-powered cloud interface

This system provides an AI platform that is hosted on the cloud and ensures serviceability along with ease of management. The models show no lag time in creation, training, and prediction, and you can run and develop them with faster speeds. No hardware installation is required, and engineers don't have to worry about configuration setups as all these details are taken care of by the DataRobot interface. The cloud platform ensures that you get the benefits and efficiency of an enterprise-grade training system in a more manageable manner. SOC2 Type II certification applies to the platform for extended security.

User-friendly interface

Human-friendly visuals accompany the enterprise-grade AI systems so that it does not intimidate engineers that are not native to data science backgrounds. All automated models that it creates are supplemented by blueprints that describe steps of creation along with the algorithms that have been used to make it work. A visual explanation for each prediction is viewable so that you can determine how each feature modifies your business decisions more quickly. Lift charts are available for each forecast to compare their accuracy and ROC curves, confusion matrix, and other diagrams that are also provided to help you choose the right model.

Company Information

Company Name: DataRobot

Founded in: 2012