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DesignContest is an online marketplace for businesses to hire professional freelancers for logo design, graphic design, web design, and other services. It is a community of top graphic designers who compete online to provide the best ideas on a particular task. The projects are assigned based on the results of the contests on a specific project shared by the business. It allows businesses to get their design related projects done by top design professionals.

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Top DesignContest Alternatives
  • Fiverr
  • DesignCrowd
  • Upwork
  • Mechanical Turk
  • Designhill
  • SEOClerks
  • Topcoder
  • Field Nation
  • XPlace
  • YunoJuno
  • goLance
  • 48hourslogo
  • crowdspring
  • Twago
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Top DesignContest Alternatives and Overview



Fiverr is an online marketplace that works as a common platform for businesses and freelancers to meet, talk and work with each other.

By: Fiverr International Limited From USA
Based on 21 Votes


DesignCrowd is an online community of freelance designers who expertise in logo design, graphic and web design, etc.

By: DesignCrowd Pty Ltd From Australia


Upwork is a global freelance networking platform that allows people to find top quality freelancers and unlimited freelance jobs online on a single interface.

By: Upwork Global Inc. From USA
Based on 25 Votes

Mechanical Turk

Mturk or Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace by Amazon that provides businesses and professionals easy access to thousands of talented, on-demand freelancers to get any type of work done.

By:, Inc. From USA


If you can find some time to sift through the collection of great designs that you’ll receive (and you should do that given the importance of a great logo) or someone who can do that for you then Designhill is arguably one of the best places to get a new logo..



SEOClerks is an emerging online community of online marketing and SEO freelancers available for hire.

By: Ionicware, Inc. From USA


It allows businesses to choose on-demand experts to get specific tasks done...

By: Topcoder, Inc. From USA


Their services include writing articles, Amazon reviews, blog posts, Kindle books, Press releases, eBooks, cover...

By: Bryxen, Inc. From Netherlands
Based on 10 Votes

Field Nation

As a business, you can post your job requirements on the website and find the...

By: Field Nation, LLC From USA
Based on 3 Votes


The website provides businesses the opportunity to save money by hiring freelancers only when needed...

By: Xplace LTD From Israel


The website is a home of many talented, industry-validated professionals who work on the jobs...

By: YunoJuno Ltd From UK


They have a wide range of talented freelancers with advanced degrees and years of experience...

By: goLance Inc From USA


It accepts design jobs in the form of contents where businesses can post their requirements...

By: Think Well Limited From USA


The online marketplace can be used as a platform to find top quality designers to...

By: crowdSPRING, LLC. From USA
Based on 12 Votes


Posting a job is free on Twago, and businesses need to pay only when the...

By: Team2Venture GmbH From Germany

DesignContest Review and Overview

Design is an important marketing tool that lets you deliver your message to your audience in an aesthetic way. It can be any graphical content ranging from web design, posters, to even clothing and product design. Finding a professional graphic designer for your business can take up a lot of your crucial business hours. Design Contest offers a comfortable and innovative solution to your design needs. It lets you launch competitions where thousands of pre-qualified designers compete to create artworks for you. You can then choose your favorite design and even work with your preferred designer for future projects.

Create a design contest for your brand

Getting the unique design that you are looking for has never been simpler. Just start a contest and select the prize money. As soon as the competition goes online, within a few hours, you will see entries pouring in from the best of graphic designers. Evaluate the designs, score, and comment on each one and have the liberty to eliminate any design that you did not like. Know that Design Contest keeps your contest protected by the NDA so that they won't appear on the search engines. Plus, with a cross-platform availability, you can enjoy a seamless online experience.

Pick a winner and work with your favorite designer

Once you find the design you were looking for, select it as the winner and close the contest. Communicate with the designer for source files and copyright documents. For more design requirements, you can even work on one-on-one projects with the designers. To help you in evaluation, Design Contest also lets designers vote for the best designs. So now you get to choose only from the best of the lot. If you are not satisfied with the submissions, you can request to take back your money at any stage in the contest, and Design Contest wouldn't charge you a penny.

An opportunity to build a strong portfolio (for designers)

Design Contest is the hub of designers, for amateurs and veterans alike. Participate in the contests organized by brands, pitch your ideas, and get a chance to win or be in the top three to receive monetary prizes. Get involved in a healthy competition and challenge yourself to think out of the box for the miscellaneous design contests available on the platform. With constructive feedback from the clients, you get a chance to be more innovative in your designs. Take inspiration from other artists and build your portfolio, which you can showcase to your future clients.

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