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Domaintools is an online platform that offers various security tools to businesses and helps them protect their online assets. The platform also provides a dedicated security investigation platform known as the Iris investigation platform and facilitates the process of threat detection and prevention.

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Top Domaintools Alternatives
  • Cisco Talos
  • Recorded Future
  • SecureWorks
  • Falcon X
  • Netwrix
  • IBM X-Force Exchange
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • Apache Metron
  • FortiSandbox
  • Cisco Threat Grid
  • RiskIQ
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Top Domaintools Alternatives and Overview


Cisco Talos

By: Cisco
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Recorded Future

Recorded Future is a company that deals in the cybersecurity sector.

By: Recorded Future
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SecureWorks is a company that offers information security services. This...

By: SecureWorks
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Falcon X

Falcon X is a premium cyber-security firm that offers companies with unbeatable digital protection through an amalgamation of AI, cloud-systems, and human intervention.

By: CrowdStrike
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Netwrix is a cloud-based platform that can be used to detect serious threats to the data security and compliance of an organization and thus, make it free from any loopholes.

By: Netwrix
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OPSWAT is a system security software. It maintains data integrity...

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IBM X-Force Exchange

Empower your cybersecurity team to speed up threat investigations and take real-time decisions as a...

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Amazon GuardDuty

It displays the status of various cloud accounts in a single dashboard...

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Apache Metron

It collects the analysis report at a single page so an analyst can verify the...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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In integration with Fortinet's Security Fabric platform, it provides on-site intelligence about potential attacks through...

By: Fortinet
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Cisco Threat Grid

It is an advanced sandboxing tool which is robust and rich in context with the...

By: Cisco
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It can also monitor the mentions of the organization and provide suspected attacks happening in...

By: RiskIQ
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Domaintools Review and Overview

Many businesses around the world have moved to the online medium, and such a change has given rise to the need for safety and security tools. With businesses moving online, the fraudsters have also moved, resulting in an increase in online frauds. Apart from direct financial fraud and money theft, there is the added risk of DDoS attacks leading to an amplification in apprehensions of online business owners. Therefore, most business owners have turned to various security tools and apps to safeguard their online business assets, such as their website and social media pages. While the threats have reduced to a certain extent, a 360-degree solution for the problem is still missing.

Why should you use Domaintools?

Domaintools is a platform that can come close to providing a 360-degree for online business owners. The platform has been designed, keeping in mind the various needs and requirements of users and proves to be an excellent threat prevention tool. Domaintools offers a dedicated threat detection and prevention platform known as the Iris investigation platform. The Iris investigation platform comes with features such as Domain Risk Score that show the threat that various connections possess. Therefore, based on their Domain Risk Score, the user can decide to allow or reject a particular connection request. 

The Iris investigation platform

Additionally, the platform also informs users of the DNS history that enables users to look deep into DNS records and evaluate the threat perception. Apart from these, the platform also gives users a sneak peek into the SSL and TLS certificates of various websites and assess potential threats. The users of the Iris investigation platform include people from all spheres of the economy. From security analysts working for government agencies to corporate security teams, everyone makes use of the platform to detect and subside various threats regularly. Apart from these, Domaintools also offers a tool called PhishEye that lets users monitor and block potential phishing domains.

Monitoring products and integrations

The tool displays a list of various existing and new domains that can steal data from other legitimate websites and cause harm to the business owners. In addition to these, Domaintools also provides monitoring products that continuously track various websites and provide information about them in real-time. The platform offers integrations with tools like MISP Threat Sharing, Polarity, Splunk, and ThreatConnect.

Company Information

Company Name: Domaintools