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edX provides online education through great online courses from the world’s leading universities. The website avails basic & professional courses in architecture, art, chemistry, design, economics, engineering, history, law, music, science and other areas. Many of edX courses are time bound, while many others are self paced. Many of edX partner institutions also offer an official credential or certificate to verify the course completion by particular user.

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Top edX Alternatives
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Treehouse
  • Coursera
  • Codecademy
  • Udacity
  • FutureLearn
  • Mindvalley
  • 360training
  • Khan Academy
  • Curious
  • VTC
  • StraighterLine
  • Bloc
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Top edX Alternatives and Overview



Skillshare is an online learning website enriched with thousands of online courses and classes in business, design, photography, music, technology, writing, and much more.

By: Skillshare, Inc. From USA
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Udemy is a very popular online learning platform that provides free and paid learning courses in software programming, yoga, photography, and much more.

By: Udemy, Inc. From USA
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Tree House is an online learning platform designed specifically for tech learners, who either want to start in the tech industry or want to improve their existing skills.

By: Treehouse Island, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


Coursera, in partnership to world’s leading Universities and educational organization, provides online access to several approved courses and education material.

By: Coursera Inc. From USA
Based on 25 Votes


Codecademy is an online education platform for anyone who wants to learn to code.

By: Ryzac, Inc. From USA
Based on 22 Votes


Udacity provides free online courses for anyone who seeks to nourish their technical skills or want to learn a job oriented course.

By: Udacity, Inc. From USA
Based on 33 Votes


With a rich database of hundreds of free online courses, FutureLearn makes it easier for...

By: FutureLearn Limited From UK
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Most of the courses are provided by the veterans in the relevant field...

By: Mindvalley Academy


These technical and business courses are ideal for companies who want to train their employees...

By: 360training.com, Inc.


It provides a common platform for teachers and institutions, who want to share their knowledge...

By: Instructure, Inc. From USA
Based on 134 Votes

Khan Academy

Most of these courses are designed for school based or junior college based education...

By: Khan Academy, Inc. From USA
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The platform is ideal for anyone, who wants to learn and grow their skills...

By: Curious.com, Inc. From USA


VTC courses can be accessed online or through USB or can be downloaded to use...

By: Virtual Training Company, Inc. From USA


It offers many professional low-cost college courses and degrees accredited by leading colleges and universities...

By: StraighterLine, Inc. From USA


It is also a perfect solution for developers and web designers, who want to improve...

By: Bloc, Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes

edX Review and Overview

edX is an online learning platform that allows learners and educators to come on a single platform. You can access various courses to learn and acquire certificates. Let us see what else this platform can offer.

Courses and classes

edX provides MOOCs. The platform provides several courses to choose from. When you log into the edX account, you can choose the course that you wish to learn. You can always choose a new course or can also learn more than one course at a time. The courses are from various subjects like computers, arts, psychology, management, engineering, and many others. The classes of the selected course are available according to the plan. Some courses have the same classes for all the plans that you choose.

Schools and other partners

Many renowned institutions and organizations are partners with edX. These include institutes like Harvard University, the University of Texas System, the University of Oxford, and several others. Similarly, organizations like Microsoft, RedHat, etc. are some of the main contributors and members of the community. Being in a community allows the institution to provide their courses to the learners outside their institutional premises.

Certifications and degrees

A learner can earn two kinds of certificates, one for few courses of a program called verified certificate and another for the entire program called program certificate. To earn a certificate, the student ought to pass various assessments and evaluation tests, depending upon the course that the student takes.

Everything else

A course can be instructor-led or a video tutorial. The students get to attend various test, exercises, and quizzes to evaluate oneself. Various notes, discussion forums, community forums are also available. There are no live sessions for the training of students, thus letting students unaware of practical applications. Except for a few improvements, edX is an efficient learning platform, the features, and functions it quells show that students are the largest stakeholders of the platform and hence the education.

Company Information

Company Name: edX Inc.

Company Address: 141 Portland Street 9th floor, Cambridge, MA, USA

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

  • Searchable Interface
  • Latest Trendy Subjects
  • Huge Category Collection
  • Professional Master Certificates
  • Professional Degree Programs
  • Top University Designed Curriculum
  • Accelerated Degree Programs
  • Organization Aligned Courses
  • Expert Designed Content
  • Easy Content Understanding
  • Seamless Enrolment
  • Easy Course Access
  • Multiple Device Access Support
  • On-demand Learning
  • Top Institution Partnership
  • Worldwide Course Enrolment
  • Global University Tie-up
  • Flexible Course Schedule
  • Earn Credit From Universities
  • Globally Accepted Credentials
  • Learn At Own Pace
  • Multiple Language Courses
  • Courses For All Levels
  • Verified Course Content
  • XSeries Certificates
  • Dashboard View
  • Archived Course Access