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eMaint provides CMMS, EAM, and maintenance programs with superior software and exceptional service. It features work orders, asset management, preventive maintenance, inventory management, reports and dashboard, MX mobile solution, work scheduling, condition monitoring, and document storage. It can be applied for equipment maintenance, fleet maintenance, service scheduling, facilities maintenance, as well as oil and gas.

From: USA
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  • Corrigo
  • FacilityDude
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  • mPulse
  • DPSI
  • TMA Systems
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  • Limble CMMS
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Top eMaint Alternatives and Overview



Corrigo provides facilities maintenance and work dispatch solutions that help to cut business costs and improve customer satisfaction.

By: Corrigo Incorporated From USA


FacilityDude provides online facilities maintenance solutions and CMMS tools designed to help manage your facility.

By: FacilityDude.com From USA

Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection provides computerized maintenance management software that helps to connect maintenance professionals with their operations.

By: Maintenance Connection, Inc From USA
Based on 14 Votes


MPulse provides CMMS platform that is flexible and easy to use.

By: SpecTech, Inc From USA
Based on 2 Votes


DPSI provides computerized maintenance management software that is flexible, easy to customize, and scalable.

By: DPSI Inc From USA

TMA Systems

TMA Systems provide advanced maintenance management software designed for diversified industries.

By: TMA Systems, LLC From USA


It features work order management, asset tracking, preventive maintenance, vendor management, inventory management, job-site management...

By: NetFacilities Inc From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It features work order management, automated alerts and texts, inspections and reports, negative trend identification...

By: Maxpanda Software Inc From Canada

Maintenance Assistant

It features assets and set-up, work orders, preventive maintenance, rotating assets and spares, MRO inventory...

By: Maintenance Assistant Inc From Canada


It features maintenance management, asset management, storeroom management, purchasing management, multi-user profiles, report generator, email...

By: Mapcon Technologies, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes

Limble CMMS

We provide cutting edge technologies that help companies around the work maintain their assets and...

By: Limble CMMS
Based on 10 Votes

Eworks Manager

The system offers various high-end features and capabilities which operate on the admin system and...

By: Eworks Manager From United Kingdom
Based on 13 Votes


It features mobile CMMS, work orders, preventive maintenance, purchase orders, asset management, batch reports, predictive...

By: MicroMain Corporation From USA

Maintenance Pro

It features asset tracking, preventive maintenance, repair maintenance, history recording, maintenance notifications, parts inventory, work...

From USA


It features on-demand work order management, preventive maintenance management, asset and equipment management, inventory management...

By: Hippo Facilities Management Technologies, Inc From Canada

eMaint Review and Overview

Every business faces the potential risk of suffering expensive losses due to improper asset management and consequent production failure. Efficient work order management and continuous tracking of systems can save your business and upscale productivity. A CMMS or computerized maintenance management system comes into play here. It cuts costs, predicts failures, improves workflows, eliminates downtown, and bolsters accountability while ensuring better safety throughout the system. eMaint CMMS, a subsidiary of the leading manufacturing corporation Fluke, does all the above and much more to optimize your maintenance operations. 

Go beyond merely managing work orders

The work order management software of eMaint allows you to take control and drive improvements in maintenance. Reduce reactive work orders and boost your maintenance team's productivity by scheduling and assigning them work orders with eMaint. Enable your technicians to receive tasks and updates right in their mobile device to improve on-time work completion. In fact, with eMaint, you can complete tasks in less time without increasing your workforce strength or overworking your employees. With no prints, post-it notes, or paperwork, you can go green. Plus, you can improve safety by attaching SOPs, Lock-out-tag-out, and other features with eMaint.

Asset management with interactive plans for your business

eMaint's enterprise asset management (EAM) software is highly configurable and extensible and offers flexibility in the form of a range of packages to meet your maintenance management goals. Through a hierarchy model, it allows you to seamlessly track your assets, such as equipment, vehicles, and buildings. Visualize your asset data graphically through site maps, images, floor plans, etc. with eMaint's Interactive Plans and Document Storage features to facilitate understanding. Once you get a clear picture of how assets relate to one another, you can conduct maintenance activities like Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to improve asset performance.

Enterprise-level reporting with a multi-site toolkit

Thanks to an advanced multi-site toolkit, eMaint makes it possible to manage maintenance at multiple locations efficiently. Track your inventory locations and put your resources to better use. The Consolidation Account options let you overview data from all your inventories and make way for enterprise-level reporting. Using the Master Account option, you can standardize your data and processes to push them out to numerous locations across borders and go global. With multi-site inventory visibility, you can avoid stockpiling or running out of spare parts, thereby, also improving your spare parts inventory management.

Company Information

Company Name: eMaint Enterprises, LLC

Company Address: 21105 Design Parc Ln Suite 101, Estero, Florida, USA

Founded in: 1986