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ExpanDrive is a US-Based Cloud Content Collaboration Software that aims to help the companies in resolving all the issues related to content management since its formation in 2004. It enables the users to quickly save their files into cloud storage and also assists in easy sharing of the data from one device to another.

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Top ExpanDrive Alternatives
  • WeTransfer
  • SutiDMS
  • Nextcloud
  • SmartVault
  • Odrive
  • Upstore
  • DropSend
  • FileCloud
  • SmartFile
  • Zoho WorkDrive
  • Droplr
  • Seafile
  • Commander One
  • Put.io
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Top ExpanDrive Alternatives and Overview



Paste is a software meant to help users with creating presentations more easily and interactively.

By: WeTransfer
Based on 81 Votes


SutiDMS is an online document management application that allows you to share, manage, organize, and impart your business-critical data.

By: SutiSoft Inc.
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Nextcloud is open source cloud storage program that lets you backup and restores files from anywhere in the cloud.

By: Nextcloud
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SmartVault is a cloud content collaboration software that helps companies not only store confidential & sensitive documents, but also organize, manage, and share them.

By: GetBusy
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Efficient file management is a very important work for any organization.

By: Odrive
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By: Upstore
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It is completely open-source, can be easily managed and deployed on company computing infrastructure, and...

By: Pydio
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It assists the companies in managing their report analysis with the team members to enhance...

By: Dropsend
Based on 5 Votes


to help the companies in gaining full control of the data files that needs to...

By: CodeLathe Technologies Inc
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It provides them a smooth passage for sharing and transferring files from one device to...

By: SmartFile
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Zoho WorkDrive

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
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Droplr is a cloud-based platform that saves all the data obtained by the user on...

By: Droplr
Based on 12 Votes


Seafile provides services related apps suitable for almost all the operating systems...

By: Seafile
Based on 2 Votes

Commander One

Eltima Software has been providing these solutions from the year it was established in 2000...

By: Commander One
Based on 1 Vote


The cloud is much more scalable than on-premises infrastructure...

By: Put.io
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ExpanDrive Review and Overview

With the advanced innovations going on steadily across the globe, companies have turned towards virtual logistical solutions, which helps them in optimizing the workflow and enhance the sales exponentially. It helps the businesses in sharing and saving their valuable media for future references as well as keeping security in mind. The cloud content collaboration software helps in getting rid of all the hassles created while managing the content and ExpanDrive the ideal one available in the industry. It helps you in the overall development of the company and offers you unlimited cloud storage.

Providing an endless amount of cloud storage

ExpanDrive offers you the option of saving a seamless number of data files in its cloud storage for recovering them in case of any mishandling occurs, or the records are too old to search them. It helps the companies in archiving all the media files as well as business reports into the cloud that ensures maximum safety to them and is accessible from anywhere. The software supports all the major cloud companies such as Google Drive, DropBox, Sharepoint, etc. to help the users in providing several options while saving the data. ExpanDrive optimizes the process of syncing and sharing to make it as fast as possible without facing any errors.

Integrates with the system server

ExpanDrive helps its users in automating the process of archiving the business files once created and implemented by connecting the cloud storage to the company servers. It not only protects the exclusive content developed by your team members but also helps in prevents the local storage from getting used extensively. The software helps its users in locking the files from further editing after integrating with MS Excel that helps in making the data as a read-only. ExpanDrive gets installed as a system service enabling better assistance in your system and makes it readily available to its users.

Getting assistance in supervising your team

ExpanDrive assists the companies in handling their team members professionally. You can easily divide the employees into groups and assign them specific goals to complete it in time. It also gives the power to the admin to examine every group’s progress and keeps an eye on every member’s active contribution to the team. The admin can even edit and interchange the group and group members based on the current status of the work assigned to them. 

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