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Looking forward to creating you're first ever video? Explore making your first one from Explee offering plethora of features and concepts. The user can signup for a free trial and upgrade to Basic, professional subscription packs at affordable pricing options and plans.

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Top Explee Alternatives and Overview



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Explee Review and Overview

Explee is a powerful online whiteboard software which enables you to create your animation on the go. Explee allows you to develop a strapping and effective animated video with ease. It's user-friendly software with an attractive user interface. The software is interactive and empowers the user to get their creativity on board.

It gives a gigantic experience for teachers to create a visual presentation for their lectures. Explee guides your idea straight to the point and captivates all the important resources. Whiteboard is a systematized and efficient way to canvas your ideas and display them. With Explee you can explain a complex concept, any difficult idea or a captive notion with great ease.

Reasons to trust Explee

Explee is an online software to create whiteboard animations and simplify your complex ideas. It gives you the liberty to bring your imagination to life. It gives you wings to fly high in the sky. It's your platform to showcase your talent and astonish the world. It helps you to create efficient and effective video animation which can change the world. Explee carries a mission to simplify life and turn ideas from the wilderness into reality. Explee gives a better understanding of complicated notions and ideas, which isn’t understood by the world.

Video scribing or a whiteboard idea is an idea to change a life. It’s a simple way to draw your dreams and turn it into animations. It provides you with a powerful way to influence people according to your way of seeing the world. Your brilliant idea can be presented with the help of over 6000 animations. All you have to do is to spice up your ideas and draw it to grab your audience’s attention.

Explee blows life into any creative idea, any drawing or any schemas. It engages your audience and brings an emotion of exclamation. Unique idea of audio and video transmission of ideas enables the user to retain ideas more, improves their concentration and increases understanding.

Know more about Explee

The company’s motto is to get rid of the conventional presentation method and set your creativity free in the high sky. The company was established to help people convey their ideas with great ease as well as providing a better understanding to the user. The company was founded by Thomas Olivier and Morgan Giraud. Currently, the company works with a team of professionals to provide a better life to the user. The flawless running of the company is because of CEO Thomas Olivier and CTO Morgan Giraud.

Company Information

Company Name: Explee

Top Features

  • Custom-image Bank
  • Tailored Whiteboard Animation
  • In And Out Effects
  • Insert Pictures
  • Discover Slide Transitions
  • Seamless Video Elements Management
  • Preview
  • Graphics Engine
  • Audio-video Editor
  • Text-to-speech System
  • Cross-device Solution
  • Apply Effects
  • Interactive Animated Video
  • Pedagogical Approach.
  • Full Hd Quality
  • Cloud Storage
  • Web Player
  • Explore Logo
  • Custom Logo
  • No Resell
  • Strict Privacy Controls
  • Unlimited Voice And Music
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Basic And Professional Options
  • Volume-based Pricing
  • 14-day Trial
  • Subscription Cancellation
  • Watermarked Logo
  • Easy Payment Options.
  • Introduction Tutorials
  • How-to Videos.