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Factomos is a billing and invoicing software that enables users to create ready-to-use invoices and quotes. The software, which is certified by Chartered Accountants, allows users to manage their accounting needs without prior experience efficiently. The straightforward interface allows instant creation of invoices along with widespread shareability across the internet. Factomos has an elite clientele, with the likes of PayPal, Stripe, Budget Insight, GoCardLess, and Societe. Key advantages of using Factomos include regular backups with encryption, a broad network of Chartered Accountants, and a mobile application for expense reports.

Top Factomos Alternatives
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  • InvoiceNinja
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Top Factomos Alternatives and Overview



From creating Proposals to Contracts or even creating simple invoices, PandaDoc got you covered.

By: PandaDoc Inc.
Based on 61 Votes


Create Invoice from Anywhere, including mobile devices on the go...

By: Invoice Ninja LLC


Ronin provides online invoicing and time tracking software for small businesses and freelancers.

By: Roninapp.com From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Express Invoice

Express Invoice provides professional invoicing software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

By: NCH Software Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 14 Votes


Billomat is a simple online invoicing software that allows you to create quotes and invoices easily.

By: Billomat GmbH & Co. KG From Germany
Based on 1 Vote

Online invoices

Online Invoices provide easy-to-use online billing and invoice management software that allows you to track and receive payments quickly.

By: Silvertrees Web Hosting Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 1 Vote


The platform allows you to create various invoices as well as get paid online...

By: Elorus.com From Greece
Based on 40 Votes


By: Rounded

Invoice Home

The goal is to help small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs make invoicing as simple, professional...

By: Wikilane Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


It helps businesses owners that have no prior knowledge of accountancy to effectively manage their...

By: Asian Business Software Solutions


It features project management, project dashboards, collaborative boards, work organization, full account control, time tracking...

By: Dynacom Technologies Inc. From Canada
Based on 11 Votes


It was started in 2014 and features easy invoicing, quotes for customers, customer management, payment...

By: InvoicePlane.com
Based on 1 Vote


It combines various segments of business into a single utility that is available at your...

By: HostBill


Aliphia is a cloud-based accounting and invoicing software that aims to modernize the manual and...

By: Sahih Business
Based on 1 Vote

Simple Invoices

It stands by the motto of getting you paid faster...

By: Simple Invoices
Based on 4 Votes

Factomos Review and Overview

Factomos began in 2014 as an ergonomic tool to manage accounts, create invoices & quotes, and manage other billing needs. The software uses a collaborative platform for marketing an invoice tool. It remains a preferred tool for Chartered Accountants as it simplifies the processes of accounting significantly. The software remains at par with the pace of the evolving world of digitalization, especially in the field of accounting and bookkeeping. The software has an attractive clientele and continues to garner a more extensive consumer base every day.

Speed and Simplicity

Factomos enables the instant creation of invoices and quotes. Their solution allows users to work on the final document directly and communicate professionally through personalized reports. Since all invoices are native Factur-X, they are compatible with Chorus Pro. The software allows a multitude of features, including unlimited receipts, e-mail documents, sending reminders, VAT management, and Maison des Artistes & Agessa management. Moreover, Factomos allows users to customize their reports to deliver a more personalized experience. Additionally, the content is available in Spanish, English, and French.

Security & Data Management

Factomos, which connects to over 90 banking services via AES encryption, allows users to link invoices to their bank accounts and check them in real-time. Besides tacking cash flow across all your accounts, Factomos enables you to archive all documents into virtual filing cabinets. These documents are easily shareable with collaborators via RSI letters or Ursaaf. With Factomos, data recovery is convenient as users can export data via PDF or Excel across all modules. Also, the website provides an interactive dashboard that shows all your recent activity and notifications. Factomos also offers APIs for seamless integration into businesses.

Customer Assistance

Factomos offers a dedicated team for customer enquiries and grievances. Besides a personalized dialogue or chat for individual accounts, there is also a human team at customer disposal. The average response time remains 15 minutes. Factomos provides webinars and online tutorials to explain the basics of online invoicing to beginners. Additionally, Factomos offers an online demo class that teaches you billing modules for firms and VSEs in less than ten minutes.

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