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FeedbackFive is a marketing platform that seeks to engage customers in a way that they leave more positive product reviews after buying. It offers two messaging methods for doing this. The first one is through building an effective buyer-seller relationship through communications, and the second one relies upon requesting reviews directly from customers. It can be a cheap-yet-effective addition to an Amazon seller’s arsenal.

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Top FeedbackFive Alternatives
  • Podium
  • Broadly
  • BrandYourself
  • Reevoo
  • PowerReviews
  • ResellerRatings
  • Feefo
  • Okendo
  • Shopper Approved
  • Trustpilot
  • Yotpo
  • BirdEye
  • ReviewBuzz
  • Bazaarvoice
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Top FeedbackFive Alternatives and Overview



Podium is an interaction management software that is redefining the modern relationship between the clients and the businesses with tools to take responsibility for online reputation.

By: Podium
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Broadly is a service that helps small businesses grow and build their online reputation by winning them reviewers and customers.

By: Broadly, Inc
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BrandYourself acts as a reputation manager for your brand. It...

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Reevoo is an E-commerce and Product Reviewing software that was developed to help the users in buying products which highly rated and have received the highest ratings.

By: Reevoo
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Power Reviews lets you leverage the power of User Generated Content (UGC).

By: PowerReviews
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ResellerRatings is a marketing system that helps users in collecting reviews about their brand or products.

By: ResellerRatings
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It offers customer retention and acquisition mechanisms to promote organic growth in continuous brand development...

By: Feefo
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It gathers reviews about the products and utilizes them for UGC...

By: Okendo
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Shopper Approved

The tool curates reviews, ratings, and surveys from customers and distributes them to a wide...

By: Shopper Approved
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By: Trustpilot
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By: Yotpo
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This system helps its users and business to be found online...

By: BirdEye
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This tool sends the request to the customers by categorizing them under various groups...

By: ReviewBuzz
Based on 5 Votes

It has several solutions for acquiring reviews and utilizing them for the brand's benefit...

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By: Bazaarvoice
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FeedbackFive Review and Overview

Amazon is one of the most expansive digital shopping networks in the world. This means that it has an adequate number of technologies that can be used to improve sales. FeedbackFive is one such technology that allows Amazon sellers to get the maximum amount of positive reviews possible according to their sales. This will enable them to climb up the Amazon Top Products chart and makes even more sales. It uses a series of messaging-based engagement systems for that.

Know yourself and your competitors

Analysis of the market is extremely important when there are sales at stake. With the help of FeedbackFive, online retailers can get an in-depth analysis of their own sales and that of their competitors selling the same or similar product. This allows them to get a ready view of the market patterns and enables them to learn the strategies that are driving successful sellers toward more sales. Through an automated tracking system, sellers can track the ASIN of their product or their competitor’s at nominal rates. This allows them to immediately detect changes in reviews and react accordingly.

A statistical approach to engagement

FeedbackFive also implements its powerful analytical capabilities to drive engagement and help sellers manage their online presence. For example, the platform allows online retailers to track the quality of their overall Amazon presence closely, allowing them to negate any drastic negative change in their online reputation. Additionally, the effectiveness of their customer engagement communications taking place through emails can also be chalked out quickly through A/B testing. Last but not least, the user can get their sales insights in a clear-cut manner.

Act and react

The main task of FeedbackFive is to allow sellers to detect negative reviews and react to them in such a way that they are converted to positive ones. With the help of automation and triggers, the platform can send emails to engage positive customers and convert disappointed customers. This mandates the email’s need to have dynamic content in them, which FeedbackFive allows as well. These content include images, texts, and animations for maximum effect, alongside buttons that drive traffic to the sales page.  

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